Central Nervous System Stimulants...

I have found on the internet a site which sells Central Nervous System Stimulants which boast to “Stimulate” and “Regenerate” the Nervous system with Natural ingredients.

Does taking these supplements help an athlete in anyway???..

List the site, Ricky.

Ricky are you referring to smart drugs/ also known as anti aging drugs or something completly different?

I can’t beleive it, I’ve lost the link… I will try and find it and put it into my fav’s for laters…

i was talking with a cop who is trained in various martials arts. he works with the military and he teaches how to control peole with pressure points saying that he can ‘short out’ the CNS with certain points and also charge it with a certain order. anybody in here know anything about that?

I take Adderall, the same amphetamine that Justin Gatlin was busted for… in my experience, it has done NOTHING to improve athletic perfomance.