Catcher's stance

My 11 yo daughter is a catcher and will be playing a longer softball season than she ever has this year (rec and traveling). She also has flat feet and some resulting knee pain. We’re working on this with orthotics but I believe that the traditional “on the toes, butt to the ground, toes a foot in front of the knees” is not optimum for her long term knee health. What thoughts or suggestions in regards to her stance do you guys have in consideration of both knee health and mobility for the position?

My best advice is not to catch!
If she is 11 she can learn to play a different position.
The position demands certain qualities, good ankle, knee and hip flexibility and strength. If your prediposed to molbility issues, I would deal with them first then allow her to return back behind the plate if she wishes.

We have been addressing the mobility and strength issues and she has shown tremendous improvement. She won’t be catching every game but will spend some time at third. Her knee pain at this point has been more a result of her feet and running mechanics - again both improved. She actually has denied any knee pain while catching since the beginning of last season. My concern is about her long term knee health which I would still have if she did not have flat feet. I’ve wondered if the knee problems that are associated with catchers are not necessarily inherent in the position but more a function of improper mechanics or structural imbalances - much like shoulder problems associated with bench pressers.

I would say both; however, if you are here on this web site, you are like the rest of us, in that you believe speed and power are the key elements to athletic success. The catching position does not allow an athlete to display those qualities as often as other positions. At her age the game may be slow in the outfield (athletes not able to drive many balls to the outfield), but that will change as the girls get older.
The catching position because of the deep knee bend, stretches knee ligaments, restricts blood flow, and puts developing athletes in vulnerable positions. I’ve played community, college, and pro ball and have not met a catcher who did not pay some sort of price for playing that position.
If she loves to play the position, and you are alternating her time between 3rd and catching (which I think is an excellent idea), and developing her mobility and leg strength, she will probably be fine.
Another option you can look into is Knee Savers which attach to the back of the shin guards. Do not put them right behind the knee but slightly lower. I think they may stretch the knee out further if placed right behind the knee; you want the middle of the hamstring supported by the knee savers not the back of the knee. Have her move them around her shin guards until you find the best position for her. The purpose of the knee savers is they limit knee flexion, and give some support for athletes.
As far as modifying the position, you could have her in a ready throwing position as opposed to a, nobody-on-less-than-two-strike position (deep squat). This position requires much leg strength, but is much easier on the knees.