Caryl Smith Gilbert - WOW!!!!!!

New head coach at Georgia.

WIll Matt stay or transfer, If he smart he stays

I think Matt is more of a L 2 S athlete. Will be interesting to see how his body handles all the high intensity work.

Needs to do the decathalon

Why? Don’t you think he’s running well?

I see AAU cancel the summer meet?

Yea he is running good, But he is a really good LJ and I heard he can HJ also. and can run a 400. Dont think he will be able to win any ncaa champs with all the young guys who are still running in college. I know with him being white, the media will have him on a cereal box if he did the decathalon.

Dont know what to say about aau. They have some meets down hereuntil july and some in jville until august