Caryl Smith Gilbert - World Speed Summit

Bad Girl!!! Awesome interview. Andre made a serious error in leaving this lady.

Factttttttttttsssss. Puma better send him back before they tempo the speed out of him at atlis. lol

Ill record this and watch when I get home

I would love for my son or daughter to run for her. I like everything about her hopefully she email me back.

Her weekly schedule still looks like Tony Wells. From another site.

From what little I know: Tony is all about power development. He loaths tempo. Lots of hops, bounds, etc. He’s all about staying within the energy systems that the athletes will use in competition.

Here’s a sample microcycle for sprint hurdlers:
M – Hurdle (acceleration type day)
T – Hurdle (technique day)
W – hills
Th – Pool (about 2000m. You could probably categorize this as tempo)
F – Hurdle

Weights on M – F. All lower body exercises.

But to answer your question, his over all philosophy is explosiveness, and to PUSSHHHH the first 8 steps very hard.

We did Hurdle hops, Shock method work, and a wide array of bounds.

Monday and Fridays are our explosive days, hurdles/3 step bounds/5 step bounds/shock method drops

Tuesday and Thursdays-Technique days, Shorter thans, +5 minus 5’s

Wednesdays were are strength endurance bounds for 30m x3 for one set.
Keep in mind this is for indoor.

Outdoor, we did about 3 150’s full blast every week. the rest was just block work and tight skirts.

I was reluctant to post his workouts because I didnt know if we wanted people to know, but after figuring out he had dvd’s that explain most of what we did, I had to post the information.

PUSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH and EXPLODE is the phllosophy.

The weight rooms stuff is all based off the Bulgarian system, usually 1 set of 3 at around 75% to 95% with speed of movement and explosion in mind. All Hamstring isolation (RDL’s, Leg Curls) were around 3 sets of 6 wit explosive contraction and controlled excentric movements.

what did you ask her, also arent your kids years away from college.

I meant if they were old/talented enough to compete at that level.

I was thinking about selling one of my cars, or taking a loan out on my house to buy a 1080 sprint. All so I can run 11.00 next season

Are you serious or joking?

Come on, I guess you think im that dumb

So Carol sounds like the reincarnation of Charlie…Did tony read charlies stuff

How’s your training?

on and off. New baby plus Achilles flaring up. Getting some rolfing done now, but I think im gonna have to do take some time off and do nothing but calf therapy. I think they are the real cause of my issue.

I just want to be ready for Canada in july of 2020 so I got time.

What are your thoughts about the other speakers?

Did you listen to the guy who said warming up is a waste of time and about wearing a weight vest throughout the day?

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