Carnation skim milk

What do people think about using Carnation skim milk as a protein supplement.
Nutritional Info
312 cal
30.6 protein
1.2 fat
45.6 carbs

I have been experimenting with some of my clients with a can 15 mins before a workout 1 can 20 mins after workout and one can 30 mins before bed and have found that over the first 3 weeks my clients were able to gain 7lbs, 2lb being fat 5 being muscle mass according to a Tanita scale. At $1 dollar canadian per can that seems like good value to me. I think the casein and whey balance in the milk and in it’s condensed state act well for absorbtion. The three guys who I have drinking the milk would all be considered new to lifting which may also account for fast weight gain.
My concern is the fat content to high.
Any thoughts

You know… you can buy protein straight up.

wtf? 1.2 grams a serving is nothing to worry about especially an a muscle buiilding program.

Fat is not the enemy!!!


That’s so silly, being worried over 1.2fg of fat! LOL. Actually, you SHOULD worry about getting eonugh heathly fats in your diet! e.g. flax oil, unrefined olive oil, unrefined coconut oils, hemp oil, Udo’s (probably the best overall), red salmon, bit of saturated fat in eggs, chicken and beef. I’m surprised to hear that this product actually have that much protein! Most “healthy” ones that you see at supermarkets usually have too much carbs and little proteins.

Does anyone see any potential problems with drinking 1-2L of milk/day? I know it’s not ideal but it’s the leanest protein in the cafeteria.

I’d be more concerned about the lactose rather than the small amount of fat it contains.

Agreed, is there a problem specifically with consuming high amounts of lactose or is it just the extra calories from sugar?

Definitely lactose is the primary issue. With such low prices now for protein powders, that is your best choice by far. Buy quality as it will show. The lower quality items tend to have less growth fractions and immunopeptides.

How about raw coconut? It has some carbs but most of it is fiber. Is there any reason to perfer the oil over the fresh fruit?(other then convenience etc)