Carmelita Jeter Q&A Lite

Carmelita Jeter: The Fastest Woman Alive

Monday, December 12, 2011
By Zondra Hughes


Carmelita Jeter is the Fastest Woman Alive.

Carmelita Jeter (pronounced jetter, as in go-getter) received the 2011 Jesse Owens Award by USA Track & Field earlier this month.

The eyes of the world are on the Jeter, as she’s also been crowned one of “Ten Women to Watch in London,” (ESPN), and one of the 2012 Olympians to Watch (Sports Illustrated).

Carmelita Jeter attended Bishop Montgomery High School, near Beverly Hills, Calif., where her basketball coach discovered that she was a natural sprinter (11.7-second run).

In 2009, Jeter’s 100M personal record of 10.64 placed her second only to the late Florence “FloJo” Griffith Joyner, making her the fastest woman alive.

To date, Jeter holds three of the top 10 100M times ever run.

Nicknamed “the Jet” for obvious reasons, rolling out had to learn more about this talented, track and field stunner.

What drew you to track?
I actually played basketball and in my freshman year, my coach suggested that I run track for the off season. I enjoyed myself so much running track that I only played basketball on the weekends in the front yard.

Do you have a mentor?
In college, my mentor was my coach, Warren Edmonson, he believed in me so much, more than I believed in myself. He pushed me on the track and he pushed me in the classroom because he felt that a degree was also important. One the benefits of having a mentor is having someone to talk to, to motivate you and to help you better yourself. I still talk to Coach Edmonson before many races.

What is your daily diet?
Well, [for]breakfast I usually eat a bowl of Wheaties; for lunch I’ll have a sandwich and a soup or salad. Dinner is usually chicken, turkey meat with a rice and veggies.

What media site or blog starts your day?
I visit website so I can know what’s going on in the track world.

What other sports do you feel promote good sportsmanship and leadership skills?
I feel basketball also promotes excellence in athletes, promotes leadership and good sportsmanship.

How important is maintaining a healthy life and career balance?
I believe maintaining a great career and family balance is very important. I love and enjoy my family so I try and spend as much time with them as possible, because when my career is over it will be my family who will still be standing there.

How do you remain so glamorous as a track star?

Well, I never thought of myself as glamorous, but I do like to look nice. I enjoy pampering myself at the nail shop and getting my hair done.

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