Carlo Vittori, Mennea's coach, passed away on Dec 24.

Another giant passed away.Yesterday, at the age of 84, the Great carlo Vittori, Coach of Pietro Mennea, and founder of the so called " Italian School of sprinting", passed away.I started as a coach ( and earlier as an athlete), following his writings, like everyone in Italy.His contribution to the advancement of sprint training is enormous, and his rough character made him a unique figure: loved, hated, but always on the front line.Just some weeks ago, he realesed an interview full of criticism for the italian track federation, doping and coaching.By the way, he was a believer in Usain Bolt being a clean athlete.We will miss you “Professore”.à/63238

A great loss indeed

Heaven must be building a kick ass track team. Imagine the coaching staff they have now.