Carl Lewis video-mad funny

I had to post this.

Words cant describe this video… Well maybe flame but, I dont know what else. He looks sooo gay. I dont know how the whole set didnt go up in flames.

He totally looks like he’s lip-syncing…and the scene with him and that “thing” going in the sauna…priceless.

I have it on good accord that Milli Vanilli did the actual singing.

We would have all been better off if Milli Vanilli did the singing of the national anthem before that basketball game - instead of Queen Carl.

Well, at least that finally definatively answers the question of whether or not Carl lifted weights. Apparently he did leg extensions and machine crunches. Perhaps that is the secret to speed!

The lady with the huge sun glasses and that blew bubbles…AWESOME! This video was way ahead of its time. I know some retro minded kids who will think it is top 10 of all time.

But seriously…has there ever been a better commercial than this one ( that had a track athlete in it?

I think that gym is the same one the village people used to work out in.

That music video has to be seen to be believed. That’s the kind of thing someone will use to blackmail you, not something you voluntarily post on your own web site.

haha, that was posted on

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hahahaha too funny

why didnt he include a clip from seoul '88 in the video??

I think it would have been more fitting if he had a bunch of men around him working out. The women just dont firt his style.

the funny thing in it in my opinion is that that isn’t carl doing the acting… its grace jones!!!

Is it just me, or does Carl look like a buff female on the close-ups? Reminded me of that fierce black buff lady in a … James Bond movie(?). Or an early Die Hard movie. I can’t recall.

That exactly my thoughts, he can’t be taken seriously EVER again. Thats a PR disaster!!! He looks like a lady-boy. He would haave fitted in well with Boy George during the era.