Carl Lewis throws out opening pitch

did anyone see CL throw out the opening pitch at the mariners game the other night? good thing he could run, because i think his athletic skills end there.

For a complete and utter laugh I actually downloaded a vidoe pop song that Carl made from the 80’s. He’s more 80’s than the 1980’s! It was hillarious. It was from is website at

wasn’t he able to jump a bit too?!

And he could sing! …kind of.

Did he Throw like a woman?

it was all over ESPN, i don’t know how anyone didn’t see it. yeah, my bad, he could also jump. he made it about 1/4 of the way to home plate.

I just saw the video:

stunning, utterly stunning.

I know if I was a gold medal winner I’d shack up with the crazy old bag!

This is a very very disturbing video. I was frantically trying to get it off my computer so people wouldnt get the wrong idea about me.