carl lewis/leroy burrell/dennis mitchell

how embarassing guys…watch and have a laugh.take a look at leroy burrell and how much his running has changed.

Poor Leroy. I would think he hopes that the UoH doesn’t get wind of this! Or forgets quickly upon his return.

Mitchell and Lewis still have nice techniques man!

So Carl ran like 12 and Leroy ran like 14? haha gimme a break $$$

In my “prime” I ran 11.2. At 40, having taken 19 years off, I ran 12.6. If only I could have raced Burrell when we were both 40. I could tell people forever that I beat Leroy Burrell! :smiley:

dennis tech looked pretty good.

I think Burrells start would have been better had he used a sumo stance…

My friend met Dennis Mitchell at a coaches clinic in Dedham, Ma, said Mitchell was a good guy.

Yeah I did some training at the NTC in Clermont, Florida where he is based and he is a cool guy. Seemed very knowledgable and happy to help!

i thought Carl looked the goods when they 1st focused on him.
i thought leroy looked like he had been in an office job for some time!! I thought slow, but damn
i thought Dennis looked like the winner when they were talking to him, particually as Carl was looking Mid Heavy in the background AND wearing Boardshorts too!!

If they were gunna race, what about the Big $$ race that never happened about the Oly game 88final??

lol thats pretty funny but degrading imo. where was linford? he would have crushed them :smiley:

man that is surreal seeing world champions running as fast as me.

yeh and they double ur age.

I was thinking the same thing. Linford would have DESTROYED them all. He still looks like a stud!

how fast is linford now do you know? mitchell didn’t even look like he was trying that hard I think he could have gone 11.30.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if these guys actually trained for a race like this, gpp,spp, then this would be the main comp. lol

They should be pleased Merlene Ottey didn’t line up against them :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Linford would have been on the same sort of level as Dennis.

Yeah agree. Dennis looked to be in shape, smooth and relaxed.

Linford I am sure would be similar.

Just to let you know how competitive the age group- Carl, Leroy, and Dennis would be in-

Here are some of the Masters Men’s 40-44 year old- 100m Times of Resent years-

2005 USA National Masters Championships
Cooke Field, University of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI - 8/4/2005 to 8/7/2005

Event 503 M40 100 Meter Dash

Name                     Age Team                   Prelims  Wind H#

1 Thigpen, Aaron M40 Unattached 10.80Q 1.7 1
2 Fields, Don M40 Unattached 11.23Q 1.0 2
3 Berry, Kettrell M42 Speedwest Tr 11.23Q 1.7 1
4 Marshall, William M41 Synergy Trac 11.53Q 1.0 2
5 Strong, Frank M43 Unattached 11.38q 1.7 1
6 Shute, Dr. Marcus M42 Atlanta Trac 11.70q 1.0 2
7 Jones, David M40 Southwest Sp 11.78q 1.7 1
8 Merriweather, Eric M41 Unattached 11.90q 1.0 2
9 Sims, Alan M41 Houston Elit 12.26 1.7 1
10 Blake, Aaron M44 Flying Aj’s 12.30 1.7 1
11 Burke, Michael M42 Delaware Dia 12.56 1.0 2
12 Hatano, Alan M44 Brooks - Fle 12.94 1.0 2

Event 503 M40 100 Meter Dash

Name                     Age Team                    Finals  Wind Points

1 Thigpen, Aaron M40 Unattached 10.73 2.4
2 Berry, Kettrell M42 Speedwest Tr 11.04 2.4
3 Fields, Don M40 Unattached 11.26 2.4
4 Strong, Frank M43 Unattached 11.46 2.4
5 Marshall, William M41 Synergy Trac 11.57 2.4
6 Shute, Dr. Marcus M42 Atlanta Trac 11.95 2.4
7 Merriweather, Eric M41 Unattached 12.09 2.4
8 Sims, Alan M41 Houston Elit 12.17 2.4

M40 100 Meter Dash

   USATF: * 10.87
    Meet: # 10.73  8/5/2005    Aaron Thigpen, Unattached
Name                     Age Team                    Finals  Wind Points

1 1224 Thigpen, Aaron M41 Brentwood, CA 10.73# 1.1
2 401 *Francois, Andre M42 Unattached 11.08 1.1
3 383 Fields, Don M41 Maitland, FL 11.15 1.1
4 1136 Simpson, John M40 Corsicana, TX 11.18 1.1
5 830 Merricks, Louis M41 Hampton, VA 11.25 1.1
6 441 Gold, Jeff M44 Odenton, MD 11.34 1.1
7 268 *Crichlow, Rawle M43 Tempe, AZ 11.47 1.1
8 554 Holland, Tony M42 Milledgeville, GA 11.72 1.1