Carl Lewis anchoring in 92.

TMSSF posted a gif of the race earlier and now I have uploaded a mpg version.

all i can say is “Fantastic!!”

watch how he continues to pull away from ezinwa,christie and garcia the little cuban

that’s not christie,it’s john regis.

It is Christie, Regis ran the bend.
the litte cuban is Jorge Luis Aguilera

ahhhhmmmm…it is christie to post make sure your post is sound and exact!!!

i think the team was jackson,jarrett,regis,christie

I remember as a young kid, it was Jackson, Jarret, Regis, Christie the dream team, they where called on one occasion.

John Regis alwys ran the 3rd leg.

And bIg Linford on the last

“big linford” got Whipped in the last leg of the relay…

1992 Semi no.2
2nd. Great Britain 38.64

Tony Jarrett, John Regis,
Marcus Adam, Linford Christie

This was the same team they put out in Tokyo the year before, with Adam taking Braithwaite’s place.

4th. Great Britain 38.08
Marcus Adam, Tony Jarrett,
John Regis, Linford Christie

Jackson was only included the following year in Stuttgart on the basis of his 12.91 win in the hurdles.

I’ve got one book that mentions Carl’s split as 8.77!!

Here is Carl Lewis’s official split.

1 37.40 Unites States 1 Barcelona 08.08.1992

                      Michael Marsh                    (10.00)    04.08.67               USA
                      Leroy Burrell                               21.02.67               USA
                      Dennis Mitchell                             20.02.66               USA
                      Carl Lewis                       (8.85)     01.07.61               USA

And It was NOT the fastest 100m split ever. Lots of people dont know that Bernard Williams ran a split that is faster than Carl’s own.

12 37.77 United States A 1 Berlin 10.08.2003

                      Jon Drummond                     (10.46)    09.09.68               USA
                      Bernard Williams                 (8.83)     19.01.78               USA
                      Darvis Patton                    (9.41)     04.12.77               USA
                      Maurice Greene                   (9.07)     23.07.74               USA

And this was not a fluke for Williams because he also ran a 8.85 as well.

34 37.96 United States 1 Edmonton 12.08.2001 34 37.96 United States 1 Edmonton 12.08.2001

                      Mickey Grimes                    (10.61e)   10.10.76               USA
                      Bernard Williams                 (8.85e)    19.01.78               USA
                      Dennis Mitchell                  (9.35e)    20.02.66               USA
                      Tim Montgomery                   (9.11e)    28.01.75               USA

All data obtained from this website:

If you look at most of the relay splits - or just those ones listed there - the big difference is the split of the first runner.

Put marsh’s 10 flat on the other teams and you have new world records. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th runners on all the top times have run relatively similar times, its the first leg that makes or breaks the time they run…

mickey grimes - 10.61, put marsh 10 flat, brings it to 37.35

drummond - 10.46, 37.31

even their semi final run in stutgart where they ran 37.4, with the 10.0, record could be sub 37!!!

Jon Durmond must have a faster first leg than that, he is the greatest first leg sprinter of all time.

Jon Durmond must have a faster first leg than that, he is the greatest first leg sprinter of all time

No, its perfectly logical, remember the first 100m is around a bend, so 1. It will obviously be slower than a normal 100m and 2. Jon Drummond is not exactly a great bend runner, but Marsh is, thats why he managed the 10 flat 3.they slow down a bit coming towards the exchange.