Carl Lewis, 9.78

hey, i just found this youtube

its wind aided though - but still, wicked last 40m! That last 40m must be one of the fastest of all time?

That video has been around for a while, but yeah that was a damn fast finish.

After that race, it was reported that Ben stated that with an equally strong wind, he would probably run in the 9.4’s. Not sure whether that comment was true or not though.

Do you know how fast that wind was?

I think it was 5.2 mps with 7 guys under 10.

Didnt flo jo run the WR moments earlier with 0 wind? :wink:

I was afraid to open the link, fearing singing might be involved.

I wonder if it was the wind assistance that helped his voice go so high! :wink:

This is wierd.

Oh no. Not the singing.