Sorry, but I’m reading “forum review” (first article) and I don’t understand why carbs “they swell” so much… Really if I don’t eat Carbs competition’s day my weight is lesser than before??(1 KG??? :eek: ). I’d want to know because there is a big weight difference. Before a match I always eat especially Carbs… :eek: :eek: I tought that he help the ATP’s load!! :eek: :eek:
Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

carbs need water to be stored, 1 molecule of glucose need three molecules of water which acounts for the weight

So when are carbs usually cut out? Night before a competition? I have never heard of this, interesting though! It makes sense.

John: cut out before what competition, athletic?

weight can fluctuate so much, up to 10lbs in a day for some people.

what do you think makes sense about it? the idea that you are coming in lighter? i don’t think it would be a good idea if you are lacking stored energy because you didn’t have the meals with complex carbs. of course it could also depend on someone’s internal biochemistry and if they react better to high or medium or low carb intakes.



I took from that original post that one could possibly come into a competition a couple pounds lighter for optimal performance with depleting carbs from the diet. But then once I read over it, is that such a good idea? I for one probably wouldn’t do so well if I had little carbs the day of a race/competition/game etc…

Speaking of weight fluctuating, mine does that quite a bit as well… 178-183 is where I usually fall… Anywhere in there, but normally I’m pretty consistent around 180-181.


in terms of dropping carbs the day of competition, I personally wouldn’t. There is always the option of carb depleting for 2-3 days then loading for 1-2 days prior to competition.

It highly depends on the person. There are those odd occasions when you can plan everything perfect and you compete like crap and the time you don’t get enough sleep and hardly have any food you set a PR. go figure, eh.

Good points. Yeah go figure when you are ill-prepared, there is that one day when you come out and perform great! :confused: Haha, frustrating at times…

And organism where receive water? By aerobic mechanism (Krebs Cycle)?

Maybe I don’t understand very well… 10 lbs :eek: :eek: :eek: ??? 4,5 Kg??? In a day :eek: ??? Are you sure?

Yes, I am sure cos I’ve seen it happen before and experienced it as well. You are lightest first thing in morning, afterall you been burning calories all night. And after you take care of business upon waking then you’ll be at your lightest.

I remember once, I had already had breakfast one this one day and then it was time for a “cardio” session. I did 30 minutes on the step mill at a moderately high intensity. After being done I consumed a post workout shake of mainly some protein, moderate carbs and creatine. I had weighed self before workout and after consuming the shake I weighed self again. 10 lbs heavier on the same scale with the same clothes on.

People who react to sodium can hold water. Some people can slash their carbs for about 3 days and lose up to 5-8 lbs or more if they are extremely active.

If there are fluctuations like I have spoken of here then they are generally occurring cos of water.

Hi guys,
Yesterday afternoon i had a 100m.
Morning: simple carbs (sugars).
Lunch:I’ve eliminated Complex carbs and simple carbs. I’ve eaten protein (only ham and cheese).
In the afternoon I staied very well, I was very light (my impression).

You’ve got reason!!! No carbs before run!!! In italy usually we eat only pasta before matches!! We make mistakes :eek: :eek: :eek: !!!
Thanks a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:

excuse me

I was reading through this and i found it quite interesting.

Could you cut out carbs a day before, and eat protien and take amino acids, vitimins, would this work.

I have stopped weight training two months ago, and just been sprinting the last 3weeks, am at my lightest.

I noticed that throughtout the day, after breakfast and dinner, i weighed myself and i was 4lbs heavyier.

after food digested.

I mean that 5lbs pounds, lighter could make that difference.

thank you