carbohydrates and sprinting

I want to explain to my athletes why carbohydrates are not the greatest for sprinting but I am not sure how to explain it.
I know about the hypo-glyecemic effect and also that glycogen is not needed or used in the power events unlike that of endurance events and thus stores as fat. But I am not sure how to explain why you feel sluggish from Carbohydrates?

I wouldn’t agree with that at all, just look at the side-effects of low carb diets such as Atkins, reporting increased lethargy and lower energy levels. Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred energy source. I do agree that minimising high glycemic-index foods is a sensible idea, thus avoiding the unwanted effects of insulin surges, which can lead to drops in energy levels, following the initial energy increase.

i have read that combining ur protein with some form of carbohydrates after ur workout, helps to fuel ur body more effectively than protein alone…

but the high protein, low carb diet is a throwback to our hunter-gatherer days…when we ate still twitching bison down by the riverbank.

when our bones were brittle, we had no teeth and we all died at the age of 30.


I am no expert, but, only offering my opinions/views.

Charles Poliquin has the majority of his athletes on low carb diets, with a carb up day every 5-10 days (depending on the athlete and their BF %)

Human bodies of today (at least how we digest absorb food) has not changed much since our ancestors - their primary food was meat, veg and fruit.

Whilst caveman may not have lived a long life - I believe this was due to the harsh living conditions not to mention the dinosaurs and inadequate health care system.

But, disease was not common.

However, I believe the Egypticians were the first to learn how to grow, and harvest crops - and if you believe how great low fat, low protein high carb eating is - then these Egypticians should have been alot healthier than anyone. This was not the case, they became fat, and diseases started to take effect.

So I am agree with Clemson when he says “get primal”

Afterall - there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.

i never disagreed with clemson at all…
cavemen didnt live in the time of dinosaurs either…
i was only disagreeing with the “no or little as possible” carbs debate.
And at NO point did i reccomend a low protein high carb diet. re my post.

even tho you wouldnt regard carbs as essential, would u really eliminate ALL carbs from ur diet?

not trying to be argumentative, but i believe there is still merit in the expression ‘balanced diet’. so in essence i am in agreement with you. meat, fruit and veg.

and pasta and potatoes :smiley:

good quote


No I am not advocating total elimanation of all carbs. Carbs are needed, especially post workout (after an intense training sessions).

Merely, I was trying to highlight that carbs are tricky - and the timing and quality of the carbs (low GI and II) has to be watched.

Protein is great, Fat is good, and carbs are tricky little bastards that have to be watched.

Everyone is unique, so it is matter of trial and error, and finding out what works for you, and can you stick to your plan long term.

“when our bones were brittle, we had no teeth and we all died at the age of 30.”

No. The information on Paleo-man was that he and she were taller and had better bone mineral content then modern man. Add in tooth decay was rare and we are talking beast mode.

The fact is life span and mortality rate are not the same…sure many of our ancestors died early from birth and nature but that has no reality on health.

What service does carbs have? Fuel and that is it. The brain wants clean octane though so diets very low on carbs are not he way to go.

i stand corrected…msging anything on this forum you need to read an encyclopedia first…

remind me to proof read then send it to my editor for a second opinion before getting the urge again… :rolleyes:

well said, the idea of a forum is to discuss ideas, whether right or wrong, that is what opinions are for.