Canspeed 200m/400m Mission

Alright Ive finally decided to start a training log.

First ill start with some stats. First post might be a bit long but want to give some background.

Age - 22
hieght - 6’0
weight - 180

100m - 10.79 (1.3)
200m - 21.92 (1.8) indoor 22.09
400m - 48.50

My 100m pb is from 4 years ago, and up until last year I was primarly a 100m, 200m guy. the year before last i was plagued with injury and didnt run very well at all.

Last year I opened up fast in the 200m (22.09 indoors then 21.92 outdoors) and in the 400m (48.50). I was excited and thought for sure I could get down to mid 21 high 47 by the end of the year (I ran those times in march and april). however all I managed were a whole bunch of 22.0X and a 48.60 and a few low 49’s. I blame a bit of this on the fact that I basically stopped lifting at the end of april and lost a lot of my strength when i was running in june/july.

My goals for this year are to remain consistent in training, follow through with lifting and improve consistently throughout the season. Ive been training consistently now for about a month and a half.

Any comments/criticism etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday did 3 x (11 sec/ 10 sec/ 9 sec) 30 second rest between reps , 15 minutes between sets


8:30 - vector, juice, gatorade, multivit/flaxseed vit/ protein drink

10:30 - Track -
3 x (3x40m)

12:45 protein drink

1 - gym - powerlifting
cleans 5x3 190
squats 5x3 255
cleans 5x3 255
bench 5x3 235

Cant really remember what I did for food for the rest of the day.


11 - Tempo - 6 x (4x 100) 3 minutes between sets , 50m walk between reps

3 - massage - a little pain behind the knees
3:30 - 10 minute icebath

6:30 - gym
tempo weights 3x10 of (one arm rows@80, calf raises@ 240, should press@45’s)
500 abs


4:30 - school gymnasium - plyometric work
6:30 - gym
squats 5x3 @ 315 (normally wouldnt olympic lift on this day but just started power squats)
500 abs

8 - icebath

Again not too sure what I ate but ill start recording that.

Right now my weekly training scedual looks like this:

Mon - olympic lifting / speed
tues - tempo/ tempo weights
wed - plyos
thurs - tempo
fri - rest
saturday - speed endurance/ olympic lifting
sunday - tempo / tempo weights

Thursday Feb 22

10 - vector / protein drink

12:30 - Tempo
6 x(4x100)

2:30 - 4 eggs poached on toast w/ baked patato

3 - iced knees, massed quads and streched (I think i may have patella tendonitis)

6 - chinese food - multivit/flaxseed vit/glucosamine (for knees)/ cold fx

7 - iced knees

9 - peanut butter on toast (2 slices)

A few questions.

Are you racing indoors or getting ready for outdoors?

With your weights sessions is this right?
cleans 5x3 190
squats 5x3 255
cleans 5x3 255
bench 5x3 235

you did cleans twice? :confused:

Why calf raises? Generally they get enough work from running rather than specific work.

What are you doing for plyo work? Instead of 1 day why not spread that over your speed days?

Oh … and I hope it all falls into place for you :smiley:

with that pb at 200 u would have done about mid to high 47 i think… splits at 400?

:slight_smile: Hey thanks for the comments.

Yeah that was a type for weights it should be:

5x3 Cleans 190
5x3 Bench 235
5x3 deadlift 255
5x3 squats to paralell 255

As for the plyo’s, in a couple weeks were converting that wednesday workout into a speed day so no plyos at all. Ive always thought that I should do more plyos but 1) its not really a big part of our program and 2) my coach would probably encourage it if i did it on my own after speed days and before lifting but i dont really know what would be good to do.

Yeah I definatly thought I could go into the 47’s after opening with that 21.92, it was in freezing cold weather on a crappy track as well (not to make excuses) but the wind was decent, + 1.6 i think. I did run my pb 48.50 a couple weeks later at mt.sac relays and definatly thought id be lowering it after that but never happened. thats kind of my reason for starting a log, to keep myself in check and draw on the knowledge of some of the CF members.

I think i should also mention this year the goal is basically consistent improvment and to lower my pb’s. my opening meet will be march 17/18 in long beach, most likely just a 200m. The big meets this season will be june/july a couple international meets and canadian nationals which should be around mid july.

yeah and claf raises, kind of arbitrary, just picked a few exercises for tempo weights that i thought would work well for me, calf raises because i used to get shin splints and when i started doing them last year they went away, could have been for an entirly different reason.

not sure of my 400m splits.

Saturday Feb 24

9 - woke up , vector and protein drink

10:30 Track:
3x ((7 steps on 7 off 7 on 7 off 7 on) x 2) each step is counting from either right or left foot so actually 14 in total, = to about 120-140m. on is 95% off is like 75% (cutting the engines but not decelerating)

1 minute between reps, 15 between sets.

2:30 - after practice clubhouse sandwich and juice

4:30 protein drink then gym:

5x3 cleans @ 200
5x3 squats @ 225, 255, 255, 255, 315
5x3 deadlift @ 285
didnt do bench , slight shoulder problem, reason for wierd progression in squats is I have patella tendonitis (im pretty sure) sometimes im fine but sometimes i need a few reps at lighter weight to get warmed up.

6:30 protein drink and chicken breast with wild rice

9 - peanut butter on toast, multi vit/flaxseed/cold fx

Sunday feb 25

11:30 - vector - protein drink - multivit/flaxseed

12:30 - gym

tempo on tread mill 6 x (4x 30 secs @12mph 30 secs off)

3x10 one arm rows @ 80 3x10 calf rasies @240
3x10 shoulder press@40 3x10 lunges @ 25
3x10 bench on swiss@40 3x10 one leg hamstring curls on swiss ball

abs 3x( 100 foot flutters, 50 crossovers, 50 running thingy;s) in between each rep did 3x10 of back extensions and 3x5 pull ups

protein drink

balance 3x10 sec each foot balance drill on swiss ball
3x10 squats on half swiss with elastic
3x10 squats on half swiss squeezing ball between knees

4:30 ham and cheese sandwich/ lasagna/ apple juice

12- vector / multivit

2 - apple / vector

4- protein drink / cheese bun

4:15 practice, articficial turf

2 x ( 8 secs/8 secs/ 8 secs) 15 minutes rest between sets, walkback rest between reps


5x3 cleans @ 177
5x3 squats @ 315

notes: felt really quesy for a while after 2nd set so shut it down and didnt do a 3rd. first 2 sets felt good, felt really strong.

right knee under kneecap still sore from saturday practice but squats felt pretty easy.

7 - steak, veggies, flaxseed, bagel w/ cream cheese

8 - MELLENIUM BREAKFAST (UBC varsity athletics fundraiser) delicious - eggs benedict, patatoes, asparagus, fruitcup, OJ

2 - bagel and protein drink

2:30 tempo

6 x (4x100) 50m walk between reps. 3 minute rest between sets.

4 - protein drink then gym

3x10 one arm rows @ 80
3x10 calf rasies @ 240
3x10 bench on medball @ 40’s
3x10 lunges @25
3x10 shoulder press @ 50
3x10 one leg hamstring curls

6:30 fettichini alfredo and garlic bread

notes : knees felt crappy, shoulder getting alot better, still took it really easy on the bench and felt it a little, didnt feel it at all on shoulder press.

wednesday feb 28

10 - vector, cheese bun, bagel, OJ, multivit

2 - beef sandwich and soup w/ apple juice

4 - protein drink

4:30 - plyo workout at gym

7 - steak with shrimp, patatoes and veggies

12 - 2 bowls of miniwheats (DELICIOUS)

what is Vector?

just cereal, healthy cereal that they market as meal replacment, lots of sugar i think though. the one thing im trying to change the most is my nutrition.

thursday march 1

10 - crepes / OJ

12 - miniwheats

1 - tempo
6 x (4x100)

3 - ham and cheese sandwich

6:30 - chicken breast with pasta and juice

8 - ice knees 20 minutes

Saturday March 3rd

Was really nueseous and sick throughout the night on friday - think i have a touch of the flu, not too sure, but feel fine right now.

1:30 - woke up still felt like crap - had a piece of toast w/ pb

4 - had some nachos and pretzels and juice

8 - had some gatorade and lots of water and ham and cheese sandwich

9:30 workout on field hockey field in running shoes

2 x (11 sec / 10 sec/ 9 sec) 1x (8 sec / 8 sec / 8 sec)

11:15 - protein drink, some fruits and veggies

rest between reps is 30 seconds - 1 minute. 15 minutes rest between sets. Felt suprisingly strong and relaxed for having been sick all friday night and eating like crap today. right knee still kind of tweaked so didnt do olympic lifting.

10:30 miniwheats and oj multivit/coldfx/flaxseed

1:30 chicken sandwich, frutopia, blueberry muffin

5:30 protein drink

6 gym

3x10 one arm rows @ 75
3x10 calf raises @ 240
3x10 bench on swiss @ 50
3x10 one leg hamstring curls on swiss
3x10 shoulder press @ 50
3x10 strait leg deadlift w barbells @ 55

physio drills

7:30 protein drink / flaxseed

veggis, spagetti, ground beef, milk, flaxseed

10:30 - ice knees , 20 min strech, popcorn, movie and glossette raisens!!

Monday march 5

10 - miniwheats and oj

long nap

2 - montreal smoked beef w/ lentil soup

3:30 - protein drink , multivit/flaxseed/3 ib profin

4:30 - artificial turf field in flats

4 x (3x40m)

felt alright, not too snappy but strong, not quite 100% didnt want to hurt knee

6 - protein drink and gym

cleans 5x3 @ 180, 190, 200, 200, 200
squats 5x3 @ 255, 315, 315, 315, 335
bench 5x3 @ 205, 225, 235, 235, 225
deadlift 5x3 @ 220, 265, 285, 285, 285

physio drills
avrille drill (first hold only @ 3x10 seconds)
3x10 IT band rolls
10 minute strech

8:30 - 2 beef burgers and patatoes

9 - 15 minutes ice knees

10 - flaxseed
10:30 - 15 min ice knees

SLEEP last night = 2am - 8 am but 2 hour nap at 10am

Tuesday march 6th

10 - 2 eggs, patatoes, protein drink, apple juice

11 - tempo on artificial turf

6 x (4x100) 2 minutes between sets

1:30 - tuna, pasta, patatoe, apple juice, multivit/flaxseed

5 - protein drink

5:30 gym

3x10 rows @ 80 3x10 calf raises @240
3x10 lunges @ 25 3x10 shoulder press @ 50
3x10 one leg hamstring curls on swiss ball
3x10 back hyperextension

physio drills

3 x (100 foot flutters, 50 x-overs, 50 running situps) and inbetween each 3x5 pulll ups
3x5 IT band rolls
3x5 dips

averille drills – 3x 10 seconds with 2 holds

8 - mix of lean ground beef/tuna/spagetti with cheese, apple juice, spinich salad

wednesday march 7

2 - montreal smoked beef sandwich and lentil soup

4 - protein drink - multi vit - 3 ib profin

4:30 plyo workout - went well, knee felt good think the ib profin really helps

6:30 gym - just squats

6x3@ 255, 315, 335, 355, 365, 315

Sat march 10

9 - miniwheats, toast, protein drink, 3 ib profin

10:30 track

3 x ( 2 x 15 seconds)

felt really strong, again the warmup my knees werent really bugging me, i think the ib profin is key

1 - protein drink

2 - lunch = chicken wrap with smoothie seafood chowder

4:30 - gym

5x3 cleans @ 177 felt good, could have done more weight but focused on explosivness
5x3 squats @ 315
5x3 bench @ 225 (with closer grip felt better on shoulder)
5x3 deadlift @ 285

6 - half can of tuna and mayo, rasein toast, milk

8 - beef tortelinni with grated cheese, juice, yogurt rasiens