Can anyone help?

right now, i can run da 100m in around 11.7s.
can anyone give me some advice on how i could improve?

here’s a video of me in 100m race:
i’m da one who won by a mile :smiley: (so proud of myself)

here’s another video:

can anyone please give me some feedback?
perhaps my stride length isn’t long enought? what could i do to fix this?

any advice would be very much appreciated.

Welcome to the site, I’m sure one of our members will pick this post up soon enough.

Its open for general opinion. Thanks


kenno,welcome to the site.i tried viewing your first clip with no success but i did view the training run and honestly its very hard to view everything.could you perhaps post a clearer training run so we can all give you some sort of mechanical direction to work upon.

what are your workouts like??

1ST Video is down. Can’t tell much from the second, though it looks like your arms may need to swing away from your body a little more rather than straight down the middle. Post a front on clip of you running and one (similar to the training run) shot from a little further away so we can see “the whole picture”.

in the second clip which i could see only you seem bot lfting youre knees up enough

to view da 1st video, try copying and pasting da link into ur browser instead:

btw, sorry about da quality of my videos.

Works, I can watch them all…
BTW.: what was your time at the race - just to get an idea.


  1. warm up, stretch, etc
  2. ‘forward knee drives’: 2 sets, 10 times per leg
  3. ‘paw backs’: 2 sets, 10 times per leg
  4. leg cycles: 2 sets, 10 times per leg
  5. 30m sprints (85% effort concentrating on technique): X3
  6. 30m sprints (100% effort, still concentrating on technique): X3
  7. cool down, stretch, etc

dats basically da kinda workout i do to retain my sprinting technique/skill. i’m currently doing this like once per week. da rest of da time i work on plyometrics and some weight lifting.

kenno if you want to run faster you will have to sprint more.if getting fast is #1 priority then place it first then the others go around it

i’ve finally got another video i can post up. is this one clearer? (copy and paste link into browser)

i’m da one closest to da camera, da one wif da slow start (dat probably explains why i got 12.1s here). am i doing something wrong during da acceleration phase?

also, does my stride look kinda small? perhaps a flexibility issue?

i have photos of me below in full sprinting motion as well. dunno if they’re gonna be of much use though.

so do u guys see anything i could correct? any specific expercises i could do?


umm…anyone get any advice?

It looks to me that you are trying too hard and possibly overstriding (though you are going through the tape so i guess you are slowing down). I’d suggest practicing running over a short distance (say 20m) from a rolling start and trying to maintain a tall posture and relaxed arms.

In the picture at the very end you are contacting the ground with a very bent leg and torso forward. Look at some pictures of Asafa (in the Analyse This thread). His foot contacts the ground almost stragiht because his hips are held high, where as yours are rolled forward (anterior pelvic tilt). Your toes are also pointed down at ground contact (you can see the pointed as your foot is coming through). They should be pulled up towards your shins (dorsiflexed). Also it looks like you IT is tight because your whole leg is rolling outwards… Perhaps this is just how you run but it is very noticable.

These are things to work on but how you go about correcting them is another thing. It will take time and consistant practice at achieving good running form.

I’ve noticed this too, but I think it may be just the way I move, since I sometimes find that I walk almost like that as well.

But does it really affect sprinting performance (less force applied in the correct direction perhaps?)? If so, what could be done to correct this? You mentioned ‘you IT is tight’, but I don’t quite understand (typo?). Can you explain that further?

Also, how do I hold my hips high, and contact the ground with a straighter leg? Is this a strength issue? Are there any cues that can be used during the sprinting motion to correct this?


I think IT means illio-tibial band. im not sure if thats how you spell it though.