anyone know a thing or 2 about camcorders?
where a friend of mine works for employees there seeling both these cameras for $100 each and i want to get one.
Which one should i get and why?

thanx guys…


Get a digital one…

i know i hear you… but im saying i can get one of these for 90-$100 its still worth it am i right?

With the seamless integration of digital video cameras and computers today, you’ll be more disappointed at what you won’t be able to do than simply what you can.

The cost to integrate nonDV properly (software and the like) approximates that of a brand new digital camera!

I understand what your saying and i thank you for letting me know the deal. I am real short on cash right now and i figured 90$ for a video camera is nothing.

But say all i want to use it for is to tape races sometimes at meets and just simply have some fun with it.
which one is a better camera?

What would a used ditigal camera run you say at somewhere like a pawn shop or classified ads?

The Sony is much better. It has Hi8 which is HEAPS better than VHS and 20x optical, which is very important. The higher the optical the better. Forget that digital zoom rubbish, just turn it off.

Of course, like the others I agree that digital is best, but this really is a pretty good unit.

Also, all of my captures are done without Firewire as I compromised and bought a USB adapter so that I could use digital and home VHS.

I use this

It is $99.95 and does a great job. It will work nicely with the Sony.

The sony line has a “night shot” feature, add in a remote and…:baddevil::


The 1st one is a better DV recorder, However, its NOT worth getting even for $100. You will be disappointed with the results, if quality is “yo thang”.
However, if you are looking to make some coin since your strapped for it, then might as well buy it and sell it for more.

How much is it retail?

To get some cheap Digital camcorders go to I’ve gotten two for some excellent prices. I also purchased a laptop computer from them as well.

Other places you might look:

Sorry about that big ass pic. It scared me. This one might be better.

thanx alot for your responses guys.
ok check it out…
here is what i may do
my parents bought a new one and i can give them 50$ for their old one they just bought last year.

would that usb work with this? probably not…
and what exactly does it do or can i do with it (usb)?

if its really worth it i may still get the sony…

Q, this unit is OK. It is not as good as choice 1 above, but better than choice 2. Personally I like an eyeball viewfinder plus the pop out screen, this just has a screen viewfinder which can wash out in strong light. But, for $50 it’s not a bad deal.

Yes, the USB capture will work with this. You load the software and drivers onto your PC. Start up the supplied video editing software, plug the RCA jacks into the camera, plug the USB into your PC, press Play on the camera and Bob’s your uncle.

the only inputs the camera has is dc and audio/video and its a small hole like a headfone jack… maybee a little smaller.

Q, you should be looking for the outputs. Maybe this IS what you are talking about. This is quite common. You should have a cable that comes with the VCR that goes from the headphone style jack and gives a yellow RCA plug and one (mono) or two (stereo) audio connection which are usually red and white. For reference, an RCA plug is like you have on the back of HiFi components.

ok… so the RCA cord (the headphone jack side) goes from my camera to…

sorry im asking so many questions… im not trying to be annoying… lol.
just trying ot figure this out.:help:

To the USB capture unit. See the attached pic. The headphone jack will accept a cable that came with your camera. This cable will have male RCA plugs. The USB capture unit has female plugs. You plug these together. At the other end of the USB capture unit is a USB plug that goes into your PC.

i understand now…
where can i get this USB Capture unit at?
Radioshack?? anywhere else.?

ok now step 2…
after its hooked up to my computer it will automatically work with windows movie maker?

You can get it at most computer shops or online at the link I provided for you above.

The only good thing I can say about Windows Movie Maker is that it is free.

The USB Capture unit comes with a product called MGI Videowave which is much better.

thanx alot dcw!

when i get it ill let you know how it goes and im sure ill have other questions.
Again… thanx for your patience.