California Recall Forum Poll: Greatest Sprinter of all-time

Recall Vote: Who is the greatest sprinter of all-time?

Why the recall you ask. Because the truth has been misinformed on previous posts and words have been twisted. Watch out my babies, there are many deceivers on here. Vote if your fed up with it. If not looks like ben won. No seriously please vote. It would mean alot to me. Thanks.


lol this poll was a flop. :o

To be a true California Recall Poll, none of the previous nominees can be included and anyone getting 2% of the votes wins.

I thought it was 12-10 for michael johnson in the last poll. But you know what, of course Ben will get many votes here, this is, Ben is the poster boy, most people who come to this site are Ben enthusiasts, apologists, and followers. This is what we are taught not to base polls on in statistics. Lol, this is like going to a high school party(in CA, where the legal drinking age is 21) and asking a bunch of 18 year olds if the legal drinking age should be 18 or 21?

Regardless, I’m still voting for MJ. He ran a 10.09 I believe as his fastest 100m and has the world record in the 200 and 400. Who’s better?

i agree with you 400

I said B Hayes. Awesome timewith less than ideal track.

where is the option to vote for Charlie Francis.

Bob Hayes no doubt, based on incredible potential.

Michael Johnson no doubt, he broke the standard for the 200 meters running 19.32 which I think won’t be touched in the next 10-15 years (Think about the winning times of Wc’s and Olympics since he’s been gone) He has the WR in the 400 also which also is a record that I dont think will be touched in the next few years at least. Also I am the fan of the gold spikes :stuck_out_tongue:

Maurice Greene is the sprinters sprinter…

I’m sorry but Maurice seems a bit too whiny for me. “I want my WR back. I’m gonna beat Tim” and he can’t even get past Semi’s in the 100m. Not only that, but he punked out in the 200m at USA’s. Yeah he said he was hurt, but how hurt was he really. It didn’t look that bad. He just isn’t tough enough to run out of lane 1.

Sorry, but Maurice makes me mad. I used to look up to him and have mad respect, but now he’s a bit whiny.

Not to mention…“I’m going to be running 9.8’s and 9.9’s all year”. Yeah…9.96 (I believe), 1x. Right (with a sarcastic tone).

Yeh - one this year.

The most sub 10’s ever.

Give the man his respect

Agreed in the sense of his VERY confident attitude

I thought Ato had the most sub-10’s ever? Regardless, I don’t like his attitude because his confidence and pride is getting in his way from getting his record back. He acts like someone ows him his record back rather than the fact that someone actually busted their butt and got it. I am giving him respect. I know he’s fast, but his mouth is too much. You notice how MJ had integrity and skill. That’s hard to come along with today. I thought Drummond was cool, but I heard he had drug problems and things like that.

i am harsh enough to believe that maurice is a one-hit wonder type and is over, and he is having trouble letting go. it will take something amazing to shake my opinion of him, obviously a negative one… his attitude is too much. he came to one of my track meets in indoor and had people flocking, but not I!

That’s right. You show him girl :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but look at MJ now!

Why Greene is the best 100m metre man of all time

Years at No.1:

Owens: 35, 36 (2) 1 Oly
Hayes: 62, 63, 64 (3) 1 Oly
Johnson 86, 87, 88 (3) 1 Oly, 1 Wld
Lewis, 82, 83, 84, 85 ,91 (5) 1 Oly, 2 Wld
Christie: 92, 93 (2) 1 Oly, 1 Wld
Bailey 95, 96 (2) 1 Oly, 1 Wld
Boldon: (0)
Greene: 97, 98, 99, 00, 01 (5) 1 Oly, 3 Wld
Montgomery: 02

Number of times under 10s:

I don’t know the exact stat but Greene has the most!