Calf cramps in competition

I’ve suffered from cramped calfs a few times. Usually when I’m running rounds. But it cost me a national 60m title today :mad: so i’m pretty pissed! I think it’s a mixture of too much caffeine and too long a warm-up. I drink tonic water and electrolytes to try and combat it.

Has anyone had experience with this? I’ll try less caffeine and a shorter warm-up and see if it helps…

had an athlete a few years back with the same problem, he never used caffeine. told him to try some salt. the cramping lasted about 6 months and 3 years on he does not have a problem with calves anymore. still don’t know what the cause was.

Foods been good quality (esp .veggies) recently?
Magnesium, calcium etc

If all else fails there is quinine (sp)

When you have muscle cramps, your body is probably yearning for potassium, magnesium and calcium - the trio of minerals that helps to regulate activity in your nerves and muscles.

Stay hydrated.

Creatine causes bad cramping in some.

I supplement magnesium, and was eating dried apricots (potassium) and drinking tonic water (quinine)… I was fine a couple hours later, probably too little too late.

There is a product in the UK you can get from supermakets to take following heavy diarrhea, it’s full of electrolytes and salt. I’ll have to try it.

I was brought up in the bush, I was about 16 and can remember cramping up while catching sheep and placing them in a cradle for my uncle(muelling). Anyway he had a hot can of ginger beer and he put about a teaspoon of salt in it, tasted worse than poo but i finished that day and the next. I ended up getting salt tablets, they are an electrolite mix, should still be available at a chemist.

Yo bro…sorry to hear about the cramping. I’ve never suffered from that before…what I have had is what I’d call a massive spike ‘come down’ just before a final due to too much caffeine/sugar drinks. Lethargic feeling,constant urinating and yawning. Try coffee as your source of caffeine and maybe some Guarana just before the race as a quick pick me up. Ive found that a supplement like PowerDrive is great for rounds as the come down is gradual.

Great story StillJD! For what it’s worth, this NEVER happens to me in training?! I’m gonna make sure my salt is up next time.

Jason, I was wired throughout… an hour later the cramps had gone and i was ready to run a final :mad: so I hit the gym and benched 130k :smiley: lol. I ran 6.91 in my heat just striding the last 20m :eek:, got the cramps during the semi :frowning:

Btw, I had also taken L-Tyrosine and Alpha-GPC… but don’t see how this would contribute.

I DO need to relax more during my warm-up though… I’m wired, never stop moving.

Mate why pull the post about salt out, my son has been waking up in the morning with calf cramps and I came here to show what you posted.

Those posts on salt were very useful

Google/search for ‘Sole’
(Mixing natural celtic of Himalayan salt and water)

just found this thread. i use to get calf cramps in the calf below the knee in which i had a partial tear of my pcl. i started wearing midcalf/high socks and the compression got rid of the cramping that happened for me

Try young coconut water a pinch of sea salt and a teaspoon of flax oil and one whole lime peeled add some crushed ice and blend everything together. See if you can get at least a liter of this mix. Sip it through out your meet if you can… Hit the caffine when you start warming up for your race but dont do it too early or you will crash. I’d tell you to try jack3d but you might get in some hot water if you are tested.

What did u eat that day btw?