Caffeine - before training

I stopped most of my caffeine intake and limited it to competition about 6months ago.

I get a real effect now anytime I take it which is great for comps.

However if performance is increased through higher and higher CNS output through training wouldn’t it make sense to take caffeine before high CNS sessions to get as high a CNS output as possible?

Do you think the body would still build up a tolerance if you only consume two cups of coffee a week (on Hi CNS days)?

I think it would be good to take on Hi days in general as long as it doesn’t result in long lasting fatigue. You will build a bit of tolerance but you can simply stop taking it about a week out from important comps.

give it a shot. I have heard that benedryl will up regulate receptors try that when if you get used to it.

Which type of benedryl? Some of the ingredients are banned.

Very little chance you will build up a tolerance with only two cups a week.

Benedryl is used as a sleep aid/inducer. Not quite sure how that could help for sprinting.

Two cups a week sounds good… before speed sessions as that’s where I want the highest output… I’ll try persuade my coach to let me do weights in the same session then I get some effect for weights aswell.

On a side-note, i’ve noticed all the throwers at my uni take large amounts of caffiene before most of their sessions… every session they are pumped to the max and hitting everything 100%… hahaha, they even tote their gun-fingers in the air ‘brap brap’ :confused: lol!

I didnt say take it and go practice, I heard you take it at night of course and it will help to upregulate the receptors to the caffeine. So that you can feel it working.

Oops, my mistake.

Are you saying that benedryl at night makes caffeine more effective the next day?

A little bit of beer would probably do the same thing. Hmmm, that doesn’t sound too good. How about: A little bit of red wine would probably do the same thing:)

It might work and it might not. I just heard some body builders talking about it.