Caffeine and body fat

Is there a consensus about the effects of caffeine on body fat levels here at CF? I have read differing opinions but would like one answer I can live with.

I cant give u the Revelation you you’re looking for, all I can offer is this;

Seeing as coffee speeds the metabolism and seeing as fat burning products usualy work on speeding the metabolism then it should follow that coffee has some effect there to.

Donovan Bailey was a big fan of coffee, though not on competition days becuase of IAF rules.

First of all: I admit I am a caffeine holic.

However, I did manage to go from several strongs cups of coffee (and I mean really strong) to none what so ever.

I remained caffeine free for approximately 6 months.

The difference in bodyfat = NONE. No increase, no decrease.

The only noticeable difference was in the quality on my sleeping. When drinking coffee, whilst I would never have said I was a bad sleeper, but, when I was caffeine free - my sleeping was so much deeper and better.

I can only presume that when drinking coffee - you are burning more fat, but, this is offset with the higher insulin response when you eat carbs and vice versa:

When off the coffee - I may not be burning so much fat, but, my insulin response to carbs is far superior, therefore, less is being stored as fat.

I am back on the coffee ( :frowning:

But, It is my intention to go caffeine free again - I will keep the forum updated with my results.

I believe Berardi showed that long term use of caffeine made you fatter. I will read the article again and get back to y’all.

I did a report on the effects of caffiene, ephedrine, and caffiene and ephedrine on fatty acid metabolism a couple of years back for an upper division sports nutrition and supplementation class. From what I can recall caffiene from coffee alone had NO effect on fat metabolism. The only effects on increased fat metabolism came from pharmaceutical grade caffiene (pills), and were only significant when combined with ephedrine.

If memory serves me, there are other factors in coffee that impair either the effect of caffiene on fatty acid metabolism. Constant intake of caffiene in general will also decrease the effect is has.

from this months Mens Health magazine

Q-coffee to liven you up?

A-the black stuff does stimulate the heart and raise blood pressure,but ultimitely the caffeine will bring blood sugar levels crashing down,making you feel more sluggish than before.

my advice,stick to L-Carnitine

off topic but:

how effective is L-Carnitine? Anone have any quantifications for its effectiveness?

this is a very basic link… L-C also elevates body temp

Used in fairly high dosages prior to a workout it can enhance the workout. When used chronically in a caloric deficit it can help with fat loss, but when used at maintenance calories or above it can be bad. It reduces insulin sensitivity and increases lipolysis, these things are good when one is trying to lose weight. When maintaining weight or trying to gain weight the last thing you want is reduced insulin sensitivity and increased blood levels of fatty acids.