2 words - Get it !!!

Other words - incredible recovery / minimal cramps / increased strength / kiss DOMS goodbye / strangely super elastic muscle sensation


Do you mean Coenzyme Q10???

If not, what product are you referring to?

Also, how much and how often are you taking this, not to mention cost??

C-10 is just creatine…but it’s pure…that’s why it works.

Wullie - I thought Q10 was a moisturiser for birds lol


Sir Clemson recommended it ages back - personally I’ve found it to be the best supplement I’ve ever taken - with benefits I wasn’t expecting - specially in regards to muscle recovery .

I didn’t load and I’m taking 4 tabs on cns days 3 on others ( I’m unable to do much tempo at present ) I’m also cycling 3 weeks on 1 off -

I have gained 2 kg in 6 weeks - but considering that’s due to lack of tempo and overeating - weight doesn’t seem an issue here - and I was only 75 kg to start with

It’s not cheap - but as posted b4 - it’s been ok’ed as clean and I’d rather spend money on something thats a dead cert & effective than mess around . And it’s actually pretty cost effective if you buy in bulk ( which I plan to do now my student loan finally arrived :slight_smile: )

Unlike other creatines - I’ve only had very slight cramps , and that was when I’d taken it directly b4 training - individual dosages and experimentation are recommended .


Who make it and where did you get it?

(never heard of it before)

Wullie - it’s a British company called SCG nutrition make it but as far as I can tell u can only get it from the link provided - - check out the site - email them and they’ll tell you how to order ( credit card details etc - by another email ) -

works out at about £33 including p&p for 130 tabs ( about 4 - 5 weeks worth depending on dosage ) cheaper with larger orders

Tabs have arrived within 4 days both times I’ve ordered - there’s some vague company info on the bottle but as far as I can tell they only deal direct with large team orders within the uk - all others go via the us - well worth it - believe me

you can get it from springco. athletics.