Buying an EMS

Can I get a bit of help on the kind of EMS to purchase. I can’t find the old EMS thread. There’s 3 different ones I’ve been looking at, here’s the link:

The first one replaced the EMS 6500 that has been talked about previously:

EMS 7500

Price: $46.66

Lead wires
9V alkaline battery
Package of 4 self-stick hypoallergenic disposable electrodes (patches)
Instruction Booklet
Hard carrying case

Channels: Dual
Mode: Synchronized, Constant, and Alternating
Waveform: Asymmetrical square pulse
Pulse Amplitude: Constant current 0 to 80mA each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load).
Pulse Ramp: 1 to 8 seconds.
Pulse Frequency: 2-150 Hz
Pulse Width: 50-300(uS)
Relaxation: Variable Control (2-99 sec.)
Contraction: Variable control (2-99 sec.)
Compliance Timer: Memorize 60 sets of operation records, total time is 999 hours
Timer: 5 to 90 Minutes auto shutoff or Continuous

Here’s the second one:

EMS 400 Unit

Price: $60.10

Lead wires
9V alkaline battery
Package of 4 self adhesive electrodes (patches).
Operating manual

Channels: Dual. isolated between channels.
Waveform: Modified square wave with zero direct current (DC) component.
Pulse Amplitude: Constant current 0 to 80mA each channel, adjustable (500 ohm load).
Pulse Ramp: 1, 3, 5 seconds.
Contraction: Variable control (1-30 sec.)
Weights only 150 grams, with battery.

Here’s the 3rd one:

EMS 2000

Price: $102.14

“ON” and “OFF” times (1-60 seconds)
“Off Ramp” (2 seconds)
“On Ramp” (0-8 seconds)
Adjustable pulse rate from 1-80Hz
300us fixed pulse width
Output intensity adjustable from 0-98mA
Kit includes:

Four pigtail electrodes
Two pairs of leadwires
One 9V battery
Carrying case
Instructions Limited lifetime warranty.

Any help greatly appreciated… I think hijump is gonna need a new one too after his experiment.

I own the 7500. The price is right and it works pretty well. The biggest issue is simply that it takes a while to get in a strength workout since you only have 2 sets of pads.

Can you buy more or is there only room for 2 sets? Does the EMS 2000 look like it has more or is it the same as the one you have?

I have the 6500 which actually looks the exact same as the 7500. As I have said befoore good little unit but I have only used ti for recovery and played around with it here and there for max strength. As Xlr8 said it takes time, time which I do not have especially if I am not convinced it is worth it.

Based on your reply Quik… I’m gonna go big or go home!

I might as well layout the cash for the real-deal machine instead of screwing around with some $50 machine I’ll never use.

So blinky, which one are you thinking of buying then? The 2000?

Here are a few I was thinking of getting, I don’t know if they’re powerful enough, but they do have 8 electrodes.

Anybody know if you need 4 channels for it to be powerful enough with 8 electrodes?

Arista EMS Plus
Electronic Muscle Stimulator



Channels Dual, isolated between channels
Pulse Amplitude Constant current 0 to 80Ma each channel
Pulse Frequency 5, 30, 100Hz
Pulse Ramp 1, 3, 5 seconds
Contraction Variable control (1-30 sec.)
Relaxation Variable control (1-45 sec.)
Power Source 9V alkaline battery or AC Adaptor
Size 24 x 64 x 95mm
Weight 130 grams (including battery), approx. 5 ounces

VITAL STIM EMS 2000 - 2 channel 8 pads


Upgradable to Model 4000
Works 2 muscle groups
Two Channel, 8 Pads, Channels Isolated
Waveform: Bi-Phasice or Mono-Phasic
Frequency: 2 - 140 Hertz
Reciprocation: Yes (for super setting muscle groups)
Pulse Width: 300 micro Seconds
Ramp Time: 3 Seconds
Contraction Time: variable 3 to 45 Seconds
Relaxation Time: variable 3 to 45 Seconds
Power Output: 0 - 34.3 microColumbs
Power: AC-DC Power adaptor
Pads: 4" Diameter (4) and 2"x2" Square (4)
Dimensions: 3 1/4"(H) x 8" (W) x 8" (L)

I just ordered the VITAL STIM EMS 4000R - w/ Russian Stim. I hope it doesn’t suck too badly. It was 350 bucks, 4 channels, russian stimulation… I’ll write a review after I get it.

I just got it a few days ago. It is really powerful. I use the setting at level 3 and it goes all the way up to level 10. I am positive that you could kill somebody with this machine!

The 4 channels is well worth the extra $$. You can get a workout in half the time by using 8 electrodes. There’s a pulsing mode and a bunch of other buttons I don’t even know how to use yet. I used it for max strength and it worked great.

The shipping took about a week, and this is very good considering I live in Canada. Overall it’s a good product.

But what do you think of buying a 4 EMS 7500, so that you’ll have 16 pads/8 channels for a dirt-cheap price?

Wu Gong Heng