Butch Reynolds' 43.29!

The 43.29 of 1988 consisted of 21.4/10.7/11.2. Speed reserve, stamina and determination. Good race plan?

In the ‘88 Oly finals, Reynolds’ split 21.68/10.9/11.35.

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Race plan? Butch? lol. Butch was so far out of his skull during that race I’d be surprised if he did up his own laces before the race let alone execute a race plan - he didn’t even know he’d broken the world record afterwards …

Does anybody have a working link for the video? I can’t get the imagestation link to work, ever.

I wouldn’t count on anyone “out of his skull” breaking a 400m record! If you don’t have pace, theyll be taking you away on a cart - after your 50 flat!
I was there for the race and Butch hung well back, of Egbunike (who might have been the closest thing to your discription on this occasion) Butch went sailing past everyone down the home-stretch after the “bear” got Egbunike.

Charlie, just wondering, how did you advise your athletes to pace the 400?

Depends entirely on the prep and disposition of the athlete. Some are very strong beyond 400 and others are almost pure sprinters. One possible rule of thumb is to go out about .8 slower to 200m than the 200m best, though this may change with the level of the athlete. Ie Marita Koch 1.1 and Michael Johnson approx 1.9 differential. the real key to 400 success is from 200 to 300m. this seems to be where most are left behind. You can check out the 400m section in the archives or get the forum review for a lot of info on this event.

LOL I’ll PM you on this one …

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