Bullet Bob Hayes 64 Olympics

The 100m and his legendary relay leg are on Thor’s website. Get it while it’s hot! Thanks Thor, you’re a god!

Oh yea, right click and save target as.

How can somebody run so fast? If I recall, it’s still the fastest relay split of all time. Maybe Charlie or someone else here (Number 2, I don’t know) can explain how somebody can have such a difference in time from open vs. relay.

He was honored last weekend at an Olympic thing in Chicago (it was on NBC). They didn’t have much film of the relay (it was there, but it didn’t show the gap), but it was still an interesting montage. Very cool.

Is the Bob Hayes relay video still around?

yes it’s here http://www.firenzeatletica.it/firenzeatletica2/index.php?idpag=59 under the title 4x100m (M) giochi olimpici 1964 - Bob Hayes. press control and f to search for it. I never get tired of watching that video it’s amazing.

for some reason i can see thors site nemore ne one else have this prob.