Bullet belt

Has anyone here used this device?

Can some one list a few pros and cons please?

I know off the bat CF is not a fan of this. Anyone care to share some views?


We use it sparingly for block start and clearance work indoors. Outdoors, however the Trainer (Isorobic) is a better device.

Wasn’t familiar with this device, and, as it’s from America and called “bullet belt”, I had to weigh through several pages of gun-related paraphenalia. I think the tension will tend to be too high and inconsistent. Better to use the isorobic or other equivalent.

I’ve used it before its decent. The velcro is kind of hard to rip off sometimes. Leading to you pulling your partner for a few feet. I think it works pretty good besides that. After using it, I did block work with no belt w/ my 210 pound coach standing on my blocks, I came out so hard I moved the blocks back about 6" and fell on my face. I did it three times. It wasn’t very pleasent.