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Good video especially the part about the blocks. It just seems different and very useful for a long legged sprinter. Wish I could have MR. Bud him self show me how to set up the blocks in the video. Never seen anything like it.

Have always been a Bud Winter fan, nice to see that a web site has been established, thanks for posting this. :slight_smile:

Do you know that tall guy on the video? Is it Tommie Smith?

Yes that’s him

PJ, what is your opinoin on this video? What do you think about start technick that BW teaches?

I love the drills that’s very close to what we teach actually. As for the start positions i wonder if this has something to do with the lesser weight training they did compared to what is going on now where the sprinters are able to push from the blocks from more accute leg angle positions. Thoughts?

With that said, a good idea would be to combine both methods to see what the result would be.

Bud Winter did very little weight training, only in the winter with light weights, he said that he tried heavy lifting on Ray Norton and he started to look like a shot putter, Winter said that if he had a choice between strength and relaxation, he would choose relaxation.

I’m not sure that strength and relaxation are mutually exclusive. There is however often a temptation to feel that if there is strength there that it should be used in the same way that it is in the weight room. I just see it as the one of the coaches role to avoid this.

It depends on the athlete. Mature males, particularly those who are extreme mesomorphs need to be very deliberate in the planning of strength training. Losses in flexibility are quite common and when combined with the risk of injury, not worth the risk. Guys like Ray are so strong anyway, what the point in hammering the nail that’s already flush?

The first book was published in 1956, then again in 1973. After the 1960 Olympics and Armin Hary (and Ray Norton, one of his guys), Bud Winter and the speed city guys changed their start to be more like Armin Hary. Dennis Johnson of Jamaica wa sone of them.

Bud’s other book is called the Rocket Sprint Start which is a detailed analysis of the Armin Hary Start (also being re-released)


We can we expect the books to become available for purchase?

To my knowledge, the official launch will be July 2, 2010 which is the 50th anniversary of Ray Norton’s 200m WR of 20.5. Before Usain Bolt, Norton was the last man to have the WR for both 100 & 200m at the same time. Most likely SpeedEndurance.com will have a pre-launch of the book starting June 28 at 10% off.

The book price is set at a reasonable $19.95 plus shipping. I can see all the rare book dealers scrambling to sell their older copies! Why pay $200?

Back in the day a friend of mine was given a copy of So You Want to be a Sprinter - AS A SCHOOL PRIZE! Enlightened school or what.

It was the original 1956 version and he kindly photocopied it for me. Does anybody know if the 1973 edition is different? If it is the same I’ll keep my money.

The book is now available:


Just ordered my copy!

There were two versions. One had a full detailed training plan for full time athletes starting in September, and the other version had the training plans modified for January start date for two-sport athletes like Football.

The 2010 edition amalgamated both versions.

Can’t wait to get my hands on Mr. Winters books.

The Rocket Start in action–Armin Hary’s 10.00 in 1960:


Sick!! I really think a rocket start is the best advantage in the 100m (apposed to coming back from behind) because out in front you can relax a bit and just focus on yourself and also you just psychologically destroy your competitors.

Hmmm, got to get that 30 buck device Charlie used on ebay and focus on 1 legged hops to improve 20m acceleration.