Bruni's 100m

Here is a 4 minute doco on Bruni Surin taken before the Sydney Olympics. He explains each phase of his 100m race and also talks about how he lost to Maurice in the World Champs in Seville '99

The file size is pretty big (6.7MB)

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Awesome. Very informative. Thank you.

Great Vid!
Bruni says that you should focus on force when going from 0-30 m. but you should be relaxed at the same time? very difficult to combine : forceful and relaxed.
or dont you think so much about relaxation in the first 30 meters, but just explode and use as much force you can. this can tighten you up though

He is one of my all time favorite sprinters!!!


Coaches often say to relax and not to tighten up when top speed has been reached…I also agree that the acceleration phase should be relaxed. However, I feel that relaxation without tightening simply means not recruiting the antagonists whilst the agonists are working. To gain this skill it may be best to practice acceleration and top speed runs with proper technique at moderate intensities and gradually increase pace. Any thoughts?

Does anyone still have a copy of this link…I am unable to open it? Thanks in advance.

neither can i open the post.