brother 30m 3 point starts

any tips on his tech?

5’7 205-210lbs

pb’s 6’5 55m, 10.8’s 100m

could u guys look at his steps, do they look short and choppy

anyone comments?

it looks very short, as if he isnt completing his strides. Focusing to much on turnover. Low knee lift. He looks like he has tons of power, just slow him down and let him do it.

are you sure his strides are short, hes only 5’7. he always had that piston leg action. is there anything else u see - arm action, popping up etc?

hes not poppin up, but he does have short strides. you should videotape and count strides. His hips looks a little low to, but that may be the camera

thanks, for your help.

Hey UT,
I wanna know how long your brother has trained with sprints, plyos, and weights. I’m also 5’7" but not “there” yet… I just started training seriously this year and would really wanna get some guidance from you and your brother’s experience…

Wu Gong Heng

my bro has been training for years now but hes not only a track guy but also play football rb/kr.

He looks a bit stiff to me. Get him to try taking a bit off his runs to see what happens with the time. i suspect if he can relax he’ll record better times. Make sure his quads are stretched as well.

ok sounds good, i have gotten all kind of tips within the last 24hrs, you wont believe some of them. he has very big quads that are also tight, but thats what we worked on today was just slowing down and relaxing and let the speed come to him… what do u think about the 60m video is his stepping over, hip height etc?