Broad Jump and Vertical Correlation

For my college’s fall testing, and at things like football combines, both the standing broad jump and standing vertical jump are tested. I’m just curious on if there tends to be a big correlation between the two, as they are both two footed, still jumps in nature. Also, which one correlates closer to running speed, or if one is more top speed and the other accel (sometimes I hear vertical stuff is more like vertical running, and horizontal more like accel because of the body position)

I’m also curious on what a deficiency in one, if the other is strong might mean (especially in terms of what to concentrate on in speed training, or what natural strengths may be). personally, my sbj is mediocre, but vertical is fantastic

also what exercises members think translate well to improving the jumps (I tend to see my sbj fluctuate a bunch, but my vert not so much).

Definitely a big correlation. One thing that can help broad jump is good overall flexibility to be able to land in a squat position. I don’t know if either would be more closely related to sprinting. Since football is much more about power/accel than top speed, they are pretty good indicators for football speed.

My thoughts, If I had to pick between the two - I would say the SLJ correlates more towards top speed. SLJ will let you know who’s training - you can go out and play basketball a couple days a week and your standing vj will improve - can’t say the same about sjl.

that could explain why my slj fluctuates and vert doesnt. i’m always fairly active, but slj is certaintly better when my strength numbers are up. but why slj for top speed? any reasoning or just experience?

so I assume that as far as track goes you think that both jumps are really just indicators of accel?

I don’t really like the SLJ test since I think practice/skill can impact the results more than in a VJ test. VJ is pretty straight forward - maximum power straight up. SLJ has more skill to it: how much forward lean to utilize, fall into it or start from crouch, angle considerations, and ability to land efficiently. I think VJ tests power more efficiently than SLJ which I think tests mostly the same power, but also there is a skill consideration. Just my opinion.

good thoughts, though I do know some kids on the squad who can broad jump well over 10 without any practice in it. wonder what they would be getting if they trained for it!