Brent McFarlane

Has anyone heard any knews about Brent McFarlane, I heard he was really sick?

Any knews??? :confused:

Whoops, I meant news :smiley:

I believe he has Parkinson’s disease.

Poor Man

How old is he?

I did some work for a couple who’s husband had Parkinson disease, he got so incredibly frustrated with not being able to do things.


He does have parkinson’s disease but continues to coach when he feels good. However, the parkinson’s has been getting worse over time.

It is sad because he was such a hands on coach and did so much of his coaching through demonstrative techniques. He loved the techniqual aspects of hurdling.

I know he also did some off-season speed work with the University of Wilfred Laurier’s football team. However, these days he is doing less and less of that. I talk with him at least once a month and he seems to have good days and bad days. In his words he seems to be having more bad days then good days lately.

In the Spirit of Sport

Thanks for the update SC, that is sad news.