Breaking the 48 in 400 indoors

Well Gpp is starting in a few weeks.
So i’ll try to keep a sort of weekly/2weekly journal on my progression.
I Followed Kitkat’s "template a as a guideline. Somewhere along the way i found out my body wasn’t ready for the gruweling workouts, so i shifted some of the workouts to other days or skip some of them replacing them with easier workouts.
these problems were i think the root cause of somem injuries, wich took me out for 10 weeks in the spp and comp period(wich i had planned for 12 weeks) So thats wasnt fine.
After the injuries i took some time of, 2 weeks. started training and did some competitions.
From august until septeber I have PB’d every event i run 100-200-400-400H. (see my profile for PB’s)
For next year i will listen even beter to my body, spend more money on health care(massage, accpuncture etc) so i will PB in the 60M and 400 indoors goals are 6.xxs and 47.xx.

The template will be 2 days training 1 rest than 3 days training and 1 rest. resting days will be, stetching, maybe easy runs and/ :eek: or massage.

i’ll start in oktober with a 2x 6 week cycle.
programm is still under construction, i’ll post it when reade… and i hope you guys can give me some tips on how to improve the plan.

Thats it for now

I still got one comp to go, than one week of total rest, only some massages and a sauna visit.

Then I start my first 6 weeks. The weather is still good so that shouldnt be the problem the 1st few weeks.
so to recap i start with relative good speed, so I think i’ll die the first week because of my better pace. template from KK, but mu backup day(friday io switched with saterday). I coulndt take it last year, the 2nd block i hope to be able to run a good backup day.

week 1
Mon 2x4x150
tue long hills+W
Wed off/stetching massage
thi 5x200 +W
Fri long hills/forest
Sat tempo+W
Sun massage/off

Mon 300-250-200-180-150-100-60
tue tempo +/-2K+W
Wed off/stetching massage
thi 2x350+150 +W
Fri long hills/forest
Sat 5*200+W
Sun massage/off

Mon hill
tue 3x3x300+W
Wed off/stetching massage
thi Off
Fri 300+4x60-250+3x60-200+2x60-150+60
Sat tempo 3K+W
Sun massage/off

…any advise is welcome

Maybe not too much advice but plenty of encouragement :smiley:

Good PBs especially how interrupted things were. What do you put the PBs down to?

Have you been following the Lactate Threshold thread lately? I wonder if you should intend on doing 2 on, 1 off, 3 on but always think that if need be you could drop the 3rd day for extra rest. So in other words not make it crucial :cool:

well thanks.
my pbs distance: from–> to
100: 11.00(+0.5)–>11.85(0.0)
200: 22.13(+?)–>21.92(+0.7) just an hour after my 400pb
400: 48.84–>48.30
400H : 51.60–>51.28

i could drop day 3, but as said before, a hard backup day on friday feels to hard, so i do tempo(relative rest but with running or circuit work) on the day2 instead of lactic work, and do it on day3. When …and i hop e soon , i am conditioned enough i can trie to tak ethe day 2 as a hard training day.

Damn, that’s quite a drop. Great job! Do you have details of your training leading up to the PBs?

it;s really hard to take a rest whe running is going good.
SUnday I PB’d in my 100 in 10.80(+0.8)
then a 400H just close to m y pb +0.07sec.
overall very satisfied… and now getting ready for winter,

DAmn… a week to go,
I loved last week. late nights… and i had a few good parties.
my legs feel really loose and i really like to run when i come to the track for a chat.

on the other hand… i dont know how my first training will be.
I expect it to be HARD… so i am a bit scared :eek:

Hey, what’s a come-back session without some anxiety… Deep breaths, deep breaths! :stuck_out_tongue:

better to start a week later.
I still got some problemesn with my soleus, and i just wont to strat without any pain.
I will however strat some some intensity workouts next week.
med bal/abs and grass tempo

I just read in the lactate thread spint coach has also started her GPP.

Mine isnt for osaka. but just for better PB’s.

The 2x4x150’s … woch should be 3x4x, but i’ll do that the next round in 6 weeks.

I had no pain in my calf, and i guess it was due to my 3+ hour sauna visit on sunday.
The calf was loose(did have some knots, but no pain in teh tendon area) so i hope i can keep it this way.

I didn;t run full out, some what faster than comfort. The 20 min rest i did need it.
times were about 19.0 not too good but i expected worse.
Than a hard massage on my knots in te calf… so no long hill tomorrow but some tempo instead.

It felt weird to run on a ’ slow pace’ because all i did before 2 weeks was max speed work or competitions.

Aftyer my 150’s session i had a bad reaction on my achilles.
so i took some rest from running(swimming, weights etc).
I had my calf checked by a machine(echo)… and it was fine.
My fysio couldnt find a thing, amd i had my hip area and back adjusted by my manual therapist… and also my orthodics have had a little change.

SO 2 weeks later… today i wanted to try a new lactic session.
I did not run on spikes and i did a 5x200 walk throught and start again +/- 2 min breaks.

1st run, i felt something in the lower calf area(achilles?) . then i just walked and started to use my big toe as a last push during the walk and i felt less of the achilels.
so during the next runs i concentrated on the toe off moment. and i didnt feel anything in my calf.
I hope tomorrow it wont have a recation… but for now it feels allot better than 2 weeks ago.
My times are not fast, around 26.5, but i was dead after 5 runs. Only 2.5 sec to go lol :cool:

Due to some reaction in my calf i decided nt to do any hard tempo work.
I only did warmup, drills, some accelerations and only a total of 2K rempo work this week.
I did some some aerobic work on the hometrainig and rowing machine.
(on mondaymy therpist helped me on my hips)

BY thuesday my calf felt allot better, and on wednesday i train a soccer team on conditioning.
At the end of the workout(a warm up for me) i did some stretches and an polder team temped me to participate in a traing match. 7v7.
I tried to do not too much but i did put in some good accelerations.
The next day i had NO reaction. so that was great.
Next day some grass workout and some weight work and on friday again sprints on grass.

So my reaction in my achilles is getting less and less, so i hope that monday will be a proper track session.

My junior joined my group with a 50" PB - with KK’s assistance (AND the Forum!!), he dropped his PB EVERY year since 2004. Now - 46"!! This is to tell you - your goals are realistic!

Some advice that I got from KK - if you struggle with the 5 x 200 at first, rather do sets: 3 x 200/2 x 200 with a longer rest in between. The most important is to do the 200’s at the pace of the last 200 in your 400m race. (KK’s advice, and my practical experience … it WORKS!!)

With my junior, I found the following: He REALLY struggled, could not ‘go in pain’, he rather stopped running, quit the session. Then I changed the session to 2 x 200/1 x 200 (right time)… he could finish it. The next week - 2 x 200/2 x 200. Next 3 x 200/1 x 200. Next 3 x 200/2 x 200. And so on … A DIFFERENT athlete now - every session is a challenge. He LOVES the feeling to be able to finish the session in the RIGHT times! (In the original programme, the 5 x 200-session was not there every week - but I felt it is important, therefore changed the prog somewhat.)

Good luck! You WILL make it!!! Believe in yourself!

I forgot to ask - do you set your own programmes? Don’t you have a coach?

thanks for teh feedback coach.

i have no coach since 2004.
2005 i did too much work, wich ended in injuries.
2006 some small njuries coming from my back, but i had it under control later in the season and in 4 weeks i set all my pb’s.

  • did use the KK info, wich i read over and over and made a small document of 50 pages to get a better understanding of all the info in his thread, and some CFTS.

But any info or experiences off anyone is still apreciated.

Before starting this season , i felt good, but had some some problem with my calf after the track workouts.
After getting my hip area and my back manipulated by a therapist, this now is allmost gone.
Therefor i have not yet done any “speed” sessions yet(sessions in coming home pace) because i dont run in spikes, but trainers.

Because my calf is getting better, i’ll start my running on the track again next monday, and i hope no reaction in my calf or achilles will occur.


some trouble with my my achilles. The upper area.

upperachilles/ soleus-gastrocnemius complex region is sensitive with pressure, I press fimly to the side of he area, pain. This is what keeping me from good training since a few months.

podotherapist… says its a strating injury, 1st phase, so I should be able to run some decent workouts.
But the trouble is that I can’t.
jogging on grass about 2K is giving me a hell of a reacion. So i wont listen to him anymore.
Then my physio tells me to rest and start the heavy load eccentric programm with some cryiotherapy. after 3 weeks I dont feel any pain after some local frictions. So I will keep this up. Running is still a NO GO.
I really hate it because last season ended so well for me.