Breakfast drinks

If coffee isn’t recommended, what do you drink at breakfast?

Is milk good for a 400m-runner?

Milk is fine. It has a good protein to carbohydrate ratio. Make sure it is low fat milk, though, since you don’t want too many saturated fats in your diet.

For general use or are you asking about pre-race?

Juices are fine, as long as the acidity is tolerable (orange juice). Event day, I think if the athlete is used to coffee, one cup is not that bad, as long as the athlete stays hydrated the days before and there on after.

Milk has a high insulin index rating.

Fruit juices have a high GI rating - you are better with the actual fruit.

Coffee only appears to be bad if taken with or prior to consuming carbs.

Why not try decaff or save your coffee when you are not having any carbs.

What do you normally have for your breakkie?

Does coffee increase or decrease the absorbtion of carbs. I have heard that in people who aren’t used to coffee, it can give an insulin spike.
Milk is crap. It’s for cow’s offspring period.

john has been in the anti caffeine camp for some time, he says it supresses the insulin response. the above link is a round table regarding this very topic.

Because I slept in this morning I had to drink my breakfast. However, I like a hot breakfast. I usually have Porridge (with grains and whole flax seeds in it), with some MILK and a banana cut up instead of sugar. Then I will have a protein shake, or some egg whites once I get to work.

I have really cut back on my coffee intake. Mmmm coffee.

good story clemson! 6 spoons of sugar!!! im not a coffee guy as much as i use to, i perfer the tabs and caps over the liquid, although a nice X-large Tim Hortins black coffee is nice every once and a while.

for breakfast, which is also my pre workout meal, i go with straight whey protein powder mixed with water.


So pre workout you do not take in any carbs? What sort of workout? Weights? Running?

Is this a good time to say I have fall off the coffee wagon - big time.

My justification - to help with my BF % whilst out through injury. (that is an whole different story - which is turning into a huge saga)

Guess what - no change in bodyweight or BF %. Now I am addicted again, it is a nightmare coming off.

My only consolation - I do not drink it near a mel which will contain carbs.


i only train in the AM and ive found that if i have carbs pre workout i get a blood sugar drop half way through the workout.

if i have some lower GI carbs (oatmeal, apples etc), i find they dont sit well if i am doing power snatch, cleans or anything high intensity it doesnt sit well.