Brazil Training

??? :o

BRAZIL TRAINING Yesterday :confused:

Ohh overspeed! For those going to the UKSCA Conference in Cardiff, UK on 16 June we can look forward to a Scottish Commonwealth Games 2006 Sprints & Hurdles Coach, giving a presentation on how to titled “Speed Training – Improving Stride Frequency”. I hope they has been watching Charlie’s DVDs but a title like that suggests otherwise…

really makes you wonder how some people get these jobs???

although if you can bullshit with the best of them you can get any job you like…

the name of the company that has many soccer teams escapes me right now but they seem to be firmly entrenched in the field of soccer with many nationals teams and UK premier league teams proclaiming the beneifts of over speed training, acceleration ladders etc etc… theres a good place for sticks, on the ground where they belong…

brazilian overspeed, a good resource for rivals

since they are all next to each other and given the position of the torso and shoulders nad…arm positionig, quite good for soccer.maybe they are doing other things…resisted backward skipping?however…who cares…the day we’ll find good training advice on a soccer pitch is a long way out

How should a team prepare itself for such a tournament with most of its players coming from a full season? Do the same principles apply as those have previously been discussed in the forum? Any differences?
Charlie, KitKat, others?


thats the right question “how should” not “how do” they prepare at the end of a long season.

sadly there is a huge difference between the two.

will post some exerts from notes i have when time permits.

i am back in oz now working with the NSW based players from the womens national squad in preparation for the Asian Cup/ world cup qualifiers and will also post their weekly set up.

Argentina for example have their youth squads perform horizontal speed bounds the day after a game

Yes, they are going backward.

These guys are playing 70 matches a year, I think playing with those toys can’t harm.

So Are The Brazilians (going backwards)

I dunno, this stuff looks kind of fun! Toys… in every sense.

Is Mark Versteghen and Athletes Performance still involved with training the German team?

Perhaps it’s a new exercise for the guy providing the resistance, who knows… :rolleyes:

Perhaps it was supposed to be for the camera?? Perhaps the manufacturer gave the team the devices to play with and additional other benefits. If the best team in the world use these devices welll then I’m going to buy one or two or three - please!!

Pity the guy pulling Ronaldo



I hope, my english is not too bad…

As far as I know, Verstegen is still involved.
He did training sessions with injured players, helps with the warm-up (and planning ?) and after the world cup he will probably be responsible for the…“Abtrainieren/Übergangsphase”, I guess You call it “transition phase” or something like that.
I guess he isn’t in Germany all the time, but he keeps in touch with the german coaches and physical therapists (especially one therapist, who “controls” the players, so that they do what they are told regarding “homework” (might be some kind of prehab) ).

I believe he is still involved…it would suprise me, if he wasn’t.

Hope that helps.

Yes, Mark Verstegen still works with the german national team!

no comment!

I seen them on Eurosport using the same equipment doing resisted accelerations over 10m or so.

Some easy bkwd running or walking would help develop the VMO and knee extenesors…

just a thought :o

i hate to burst your bubble but soccer is not about speed, its all about creating an open area and getting by the last defence.

remember a ball travels alot faster than man.

un mondo sensa rancore…