Brandt Fralick Canadian Junior World Chams Team

My athlete has made the world junior Canadian team for the 200m. We weren’t expecting this so I was already doing a bit of a taper. Hopefully Charile will have some time for consulting so I can fine tune the details of his training from now until then. I am just so excited I wanted everyone to know. :slight_smile:

He’s lucky to have such a dedicated coach. Best of luck planning the rest of his season.:clap:


Congrats on making it happen. Keep up the great work…I’m sure Charlie will be pleased.

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Here is my athlete from a 100m race this weekend. His unofficial time was 10.38sec (hand time). He had a nice wind helping him too.

Either that’s a good run- or he’s last from the race before!

hey herb,

just curious where did he run the 200m qualifyer and what was his time? congrats!

Congratulations on a job well done! You have really taken the time and effort to bring out the best in your athletes. Based on your posts from the past and present, you’ve asked so many of the right questions. Good job and be proud.

His official time was 10.70 with 5.3+ wind. Still fairly decent for a guy that just turned 17. He didn’t do the 200m because it is still early in the season and I am still working on speed with him and just turning things over to work as well on speed end. He ran at a high school meet 2 weeks ago a 21.40sec hand time 200m.

nice work homes.

Kelowna speedster chases double gold

By Warren Henderson, staff reporter

Brandt Fralick has always felt a certain need for speed.

And not just when he’s on the track.

“I like everything fast,” smiles Fralick, 17. “I like going downhill on a bike without the brakes. I liked the speed on a skateboard, too…but I had to quit that because it was just getting way too dangerous. Getting as much speed as you can is what I like.”

Speed will be the name of the game for Fralick this weekend as he pursues two gold medals at the B.C. high school track and field championships at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby.

The Grade 11 student from Kelowna secondary school will be looking to defend his title in the senior boys 200-metre sprint, as well as winning gold in the 100 metres for the first time.

At the 2003 provincial championships, Fralick missed winning the 100 by a miniscule 1/100 of a second, taking the silver in a time of 11.10 seconds.

He has since lowered his personal best to 10.70 and plans to settle for nothing less than the double gold this weekend.

That Fralick has been hampered by a minor hip injury over the last few weeks is of little concern.

“I’ve been running with it the last while and I’ve still been able to win so I have enough confidence right now,” said Fralick.

“There’s no doubt in my mind if I run like I can, I’ll be able to win both the 100 and 200.”

What the injury may prevent Fralick from doing this weekend is taking a crack at the long-standing provincial high school record for the 100 metres set by a former Canadian Olympian. Peter Ogilvie set the standard of 10.46 seconds back in 1990.

With another full year of high school still to complete, Fralick has the record firmly in his sights.

“That’s the most important thing to me is to go after and beat a record that’s been standing that long,” says Fralick. “I’ve got next year to try and beat it.

“I have a goal to run under 10.40 before I’m done school and that’s what I’m aiming at.”

Fralick’s blinding speed and resulting success on the track comes as little surprise to his coach and former national-class sprinter, Herb Sommerfeld. Fralick’s work ethic and desire, he says, are second to none.

“Basically he hasn’t missed a practise in over four years,” says Sommerfeld.

“He’s naturally talented and he wants to be the best. You put those together and you’ve got the whole package.”

Fralick’s drive to succeed and to be the best at his chosen sport dates back to 1997. As a Grade 4 student at Quigley elementary, in his first ever track meet, he won the 100, the 200 and the long jump. The rest, as they say, is history.

“I just loved it,” recalls Fralick. “Nothing could describe the feeling of coming in first, winning all those events. I knew it was right for me. This has been my life ever since.”

Still, Fralick does his utmost not to be consumed by his desire to be the best or by his eventual goal of representing Canada at the Olympics.

He prefers to live his life and his sport of passion one day at a time.

“You have to keep things real,” assures Fralick. “I just want to enjoy every moment and take my time. I’m just going to go with it and see where it takes me.”

Fralick will run in the 100 and 200 metre heats on Friday with the finals set for Saturday at Swangard Stadium.

best of luck!!!

Keep us posted.

what did you used to run?

Yeah BC highschools should be pretty exciting. I think the 100 will be really close again like last year, there are a couple guys that have run 11.0 electronic and brants 10.7 factoring in the wind is an 11.1 something i believe plus his handtimes are in that low 11 range. I think fralic should win the 200m though thats where i would put my money hes really quick in the duece.

should be interesting bc hs’s have been getting weaker the last few years i’ve noticed. How does he find those powersprints?(spikes) Man i used them for 3 weeks and my achillies was so swollen i found the plate to hard screwed with my achillies and calf alot. Have those been his injuries?

I never broke 11 officially. My 110mHurdle PB was 14.77sec.

Heard your boy came first in the 100 and 200.
Was the 100 even competition?

Yeah the 100m was reletivly slow this year, the winning time was 11.1 and i think 2nd would have been about an 11.3. The big performance in the sprints was kevin lim running 48.6 in the 400m! that guy is so smooth. also mike mason jumped 2.20 for a new bc highschool record, that was awesome to watch as well.

He ate some bad food the night before and got a poor sleep. He ran 11.07 in the heats cutting the engines at 50m. He should have run at least a 10.7 this weekend. His 200m heat time was 22.0 and he cut the engines around 120m. His final 200m time was 21.97 which also looked slow for him.

His problem is he gets too nervous before races and doesn’t relax (or sleep well the night before). Once he gets more experience and learns to relax we will see some consistently faster times from him.

Excellent coaching man… This kid has a good base to build on.

GOOD LUCK!!! and keep us posted.

Last weeks pracitce results:

300m in 33.87sec hand time.
100m in 10.44sec hand time.

I heard he (Brandt Fralick) just ran 10.62 FAT. Anyone see this race or know where it was?