Boyd Epley

I thought this might interest a few people.

Among Kennedy’s workouts, each player had to complete a timed two-mile run during summer conditioning. According to former Husker Jake Andersen in 2007, they ran 13 200-yard dashes in a day. In 2004, Le Kevin Smith said: “Coach K has run us severely. I’ve heard stuff from people I know around the country, and it’s a joke compared to us.

It’s true, I posted workouts from Coach K when he was at OSU and the first 2 weeks of summer was 2-2.5 miles 4 days per week. I can’t knock it because they had tons of success and the athletes gave him high praise. My cousin played at OSU in that era and from what I hear many of the pro athletes would pay Coach K lots of money for training etc.

I didn’t know he’s still around. He was very successful back when he was at Nebraska, I know a guy who trained under him…