Boxing: Chemo for Don King

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey, Dec 11 (AFP) - Boxingpromoter Don King cried foul here Thursday after payinga 7.5 million-dollar court settlement to Terry Norriswhile a New York Supreme Court jury was pondering averdict in the case.
Former World Boxing Council super welterweightchampion Norris sued his former promoter for aiding abreach of fiduciary duty by Norris former manager JoeSayatovich. King a struck a settlement deal Wednesday inNew York.
King said he was forced to make a deal so he couldoversee the final details of his blockbuster fight cardhere Saturday that features a record eight world titlebouts, including fighters Bernard Hopkins and RicardoMayorga.
What you have, man, is legal extortion,'' King toldreporters. I had a choice to let this promotion godown the drain and fight what he’s trying to do or haveone of the greatest promotions I have had to go forward.
Time will tell. As far as I'm concerned, it'snothing but legal extortion, skillful using of the lawand playing the game on something that everybody in theworld knows I had nothing to do with.'' Judd Burstein, Norris' attorney, ripped King after thesettlement, saying, People do not pay 7.5 million ifthey have not done anything wrong. Don King should beashamed of himself for taking advantage of Terry Norris.
Don King is a cancer in the sport of boxing. Todayssettlement provided boxing with a dose ofchemotherapy.'' King's reaction was more restrained. People are going to have to read between thelines,’’ King said. I'm going out and promotingAmerica and what is right. Let him say what he wants tosay. I’m going with the high ground of this promotion.It’s going through the roof. Nobody can say nothing andwhat they want is to drag me down. It’s very difficultfor them to accept an African-American doing what Ido.’’
There was concern that a planned 2004 fight betweenNicaraguan Mayorga, one of King’s fighters, and ShaneMosley, who employs Burstein, might be scuttled over thedispute.
Oscar de la Hoya would be one of several alternativesfor Mayorga. King gave no hint either way.
The fighters have to fight,'' King said. I’m goingforward wherever I can go.’’