bowl games

i think this bowl season has suck!

I really don’t know how in the world Florida let Michigan slip by. Florida’s Percy Harvin was ballin out in that first half. He is probably the fastest and smoothest runner on the field I have seen in a while.

He was exploding for the first 20 yards or so and then seemed to run out of gas. Michigan looked really good, the receivers were exploiting the UF secondary all day long.

Mentions Harvin and others. Harvin is a 10.4 guy.

Anybody watch the WVU Vs OU game? WVU absolutely manhandled OU! I never realized how many weapons WVU had on their team. WVU should have been in the BCS National Championship by all means. In the next 3 years I can see defenses that will have a hard time trying to stop Noel Devine.

I think jammal charles is making a dumb choice leaving school early.

I agree. If he would stay one more year, he would probably be the #1 RB in the 2009 Draft. I don’t think his draft status would be as good for leaving this year. I can’t wait to see what he will run his 40 in at the Combine or the pro day.

he will run 4.3’s and will go no higher then second round, hes a str line reggie bush.

The game really should not have been as close as it was as UM had four turnovers to UF’s 0 and more penalties and penalty yardage as well.

Amazing what a little bit of innovation will do for a team as UM did some things offensively I’ve never seen them try, previously. They kept UF off balance defensively.

Defensively, they did a good job of disguising their blitzers.

I also noticed that there was also a lot of smack-talk during that game. After every play there was some unnecessary pushing/shoving. There was even some trash talking in the pre-game warmups.

According to one of the announcers, Todd Blackledge, the UF players came out to the middle of the field and started the taunting. I don’t know for sure since on the telecast we were not privy to all of the pre-game stuff.

That’s been the maddening thing about watching them, they have talent, clearly, but more often then not they don’t use them properly.

Unlike the bowl game they are typically so predictable. People think because of their poor play that there’s no talent on the team or at least an extreme shortage of it but there is some talent there. Unfortunately, a bunch of them are about the leave.

Also, the guy that tackled Harvin downfield( I won’t say for sure that he definitely ran him down, though, not having watched some of the tape)corner Morgant Trent was a very good high school sprinter(60/100/200). He even beat Ginn once or twice during h.s. or so I’ve been told.

Kansas may not be the most talented team out there, but they showed the world that they can win. I don’t know how in the world they go from a below average team in 06-07, and then change into a top ranked team in 07-08 with basically the same people playing. As far as recruiting, I know for a fact that VT should have been the better team.

Anyone got any predictions for tonights “national championship” game? I like THE Ohio State University to redeem themselves from last years disaster. I think OSU 31-LSU 20. Thoughts?

all i know is that my school broke the record for the largest margin of victory in a bowl game.

number one offense in the nation baby

go tulsa!!!

Interesting, my roommate played for Tulsa last year.