Usain Bolt has revealed he suffered a torn hamstring during the IAAF World Championships 4x100 metres relay - his final race at a major event.

Bolt had hoped to bow out in London with two more gold medals to take his Worlds tally to 13, but his competition ended in disappointment.

Having finished third in the 100m behind Justin Gatlin and Christian Coleman to lose his individual crown, the Jamaican then pulled up running the last leg of the relay and was unable to finish.

Initially cramp was blamed for his early exit but Bolt has confirmed it was more serious, before lashing out at critics who had questioned the extent of his injury.

“Sadly I have a tear of the proximal myotendinous junction of biceps femoris in my left hamstring with partial retraction. Three months rehab,” the eight-time Olympic champion posted on Twitter along with an x-ray of his leg, the first of four messages which were all subsequently deleted.

"I don’t usually release my medical report to the public but sadly I have sat and listened to people questioning if I was really injured.

"I have never been one to cheat my fans in anyway and my entire desire at the championship was [to] run one last time for my fans.

“Thanks for the continued to support my fans and I rest, heal and move onto the next chapter of my life.”

Why would you let that happen? I don’t get it.

He made me cringe before the meet talking about how great he was and how he wanted his kids to think he was never beat. Does he have kids? Is he married? It was almost like he was asking for trouble.

So the coach and the therapist as well as himself did not realize how he was doing?

DeDegrass is young at least but still. He is now backed by several people including PUMA.

Now we are hearing that DeGrasse hurt himself in a light workout.

The whole thing is weird to me.

Kids meaning the ones who look up to him. Bolt said he did not want to go out like his heroes who stayed in the sport to long and started looking bad. Bolt wanted to retire after the olympics, which would have been perfect…but Contracts say different. WHich is why he only ran the 100. It was easier to train for than the 200 according to him. I think he shouldve just ran the 200 and the 4x1. THe 200 wouldve been a zero pressure race and he wouldnt have to worry about having a good start. But it is what it is.

WHen he pulled up in the relay I knew it was a pull…he jumped and grabbed his ham…thats not a cramp. WHy they said cramp at first is beyond me.

Bolt finished out like a damp mop tbh. the entire degrasse vs bolt was a huge scam and honestly I think puma had a huge say in it. stories speculations we’ll probably never hear about but was a very disappointing season for sprints and the WC 100m was the slowest since many many years ago. have they found the guy to replace bolt…nope but he will be replaced someday.

in regards to bolt…contracts forcing him to stay on dosent sound legit to me. if he was injured all season what happens? so that’s not an excuse. he barely broke 10 for 100 and for a man that ran 9.58 few years back LOL! he wasn’t happy in London and it was clearly evident after the relays where he moaned about the delay…no-one else pulled up in that 4x1 only bolt. between him and the BBC they gave gatlin an aweful time. gatlin had every right to be there also blake but people seem to forget certain issues rather quickly.

sounds like your blaming bolt for everything that happened in london?..

do you think he was the only athlete to complain about the relay…I dont. please see video attached. Yea he was the only one to pull up…he is also the only one putting down bolt like force into the track. With that logic, everyone should have pulled up not just bolt…I have never seen a meet where everyone pulls up have you?

For a man who ran about 4-5 races this season, who had a terrible ass start and placed 3rd…and still damn near won the race was pretty damn amazing to me! Did you not see that he was 2nd to last at 80m then by 100 he was at 3rd…who else on earth can do that?

He barely broke 10, just like everyone else in the race and on the planet this season…also, this was after how many races???

Bolt gave gatlin an awful time? Do you have any reciepts for that claim. Gatlin…out of his own mouth said bolt told him he doesnt deserve to get booed…Guess your blinded by some hate to have not known that.

THe fans at Londed where the ones who booed gatlin…not bolt.

you said he wasnt happy to be in london, yet you dont think he was forced contractually to run…then who forced him to run? THe man has been talking about retirement for how many years? Once an athlete talks about retirement…its already over. Bolt talked about it before rio olympics…which he still won every single race he was in. But Bolt is retired now so you dont have to worry about him dominating the sport anymore…

IMO this was a very exciting WC because nobody won who was expected to win.


the video…lol its the perspective of the entire jamacian team! did you hear any other team complain? yes they all had to wait but they got the job done. yes it was a delay but this is track & field and delays can happen.

regarding the race, check the 80m mark and where bolt was (3rd position).

How many other relay team interviews do you have…excluding the teams that placed.
ok, my bad, at 60 he was way back…still answer the other questions…who else wouldve done it?
How many meets have you seen where everyone pulls?
How many athletes broke 10 this season?
WHen did bolt give gatlin an awful time?

Oh and ill tell you why he wasnt very happy…his best friend died a few months ago…

But like I said, your clearly biased against him for some reason…did he piss in your cornflakes?

Chris, you posted the above clip and you stated an answer in regards to bolts position at 80m. I answered both with 100% proof so please relax. we are having a friendly debate so stop using aggressive language please.

now in reference to your others question as you asked above let me attach evidence below

“How many other relay team interviews do you have…excluding the teams that placed.” …you posted the above clip to back up your answer NOT me.

“ok, my bad, at 60 he was way back…still answer the other questions…who else wouldve done it?” …you stated he was 2nd to last at 80m…I provided evidence as above.

“How many meets have you seen where everyone pulls?” …none

“How many athletes broke 10 this season?” …

“WHen did bolt give gatlin an awful time?” …bolt has openly stated that gatlin shouldn’t be allowed to compete/allowed to return.

please chris leave this as a friendly debate and please use good language. I never insulted you personally or used foul language to any post above.

never once did i curse you or use aggressive language…unless pissing in your cornflakes is aggressive. What i find aggressive is your original bolt hate post

At least I wasn’t the only one who thought it was boring…

every sport is boring to you…remember

2017 tf champ was the worst.