Bolt strikes in Moscow 100m Final


11 AUG 2013 21:50 Wind -0.3


1 638 Usain Bolt JAMJAM 9.77 SB 0.163

2 1127 Justin Gatlin USAUSA 9.85 SB 0.163

3 640 Nesta Carter JAMJAM 9.95 0.157

4 636 Kemar Bailey-Cole JAMJAM 9.98 0.186

5 635 Nickel Ashmeade JAMJAM 9.98 0.142

6 1161 Mike Rodgers USAUSA 10.04 0.158

7 452 Christophe Lemaitre FRAFRA 10.06 0.154

8 480 James Dasaolu GBRGBR 10.21 0.177


Unlike the previous OGs and WCs he didn’t know if he could win. You could tell before he ran his semi, he wasn’t confident. Had to work hard to win this, couldn’t relax like he did in the <9.7 runs.

It looked like heavy rain. It’s much harder to run through water, so that’s an amazing time.

Does anyone have the split times?

Completely disagree. This was the easiest win Bolt had served up on a platter for him since the 2011 Worlds. He looked very relaxed to me; both pre-race and during the race. Last year at the Olympics, he looked pretty nervous before the race. This was the most predictable major 100m final in a long time.

It really wasn’t that bad. The conditions weren’t great, but there is no reason Bolt wouldn’t have gone mid to low 9.6 if he was in top form. Gatlin ran 9.85 which is only .08 off his PB.

I reckon the rain accounted for around 0.10 being added to the times, but I get the point, decent race but certainly not a classic.

I agree with you. The commentators would continuously mention how he did not look that good in the rounds. You would think that after years of him looking relaxed in the rounds or as the commentators put it “looking vulnerable” they would notice that he just doesnt try in the rounds. Its almost as though people want to be the one to say that they saw Bolt losing coming. There was no way he was going to lose.

Gay would have won.

I agree, Gay/Blake would have won. Justin had a chance but he started to press late.

naw I don’t know. bolt has shown many times that he rises to the occasion. so whats to say he wouldn’t have ran faster

Bolt’s 9.77 in pouring rain and into a slight headwind is worth at least 9.6x under the conditions Gay ran his 9.7x races this year. Traditionally, Gay has not improved much between US trials and major championships, so I think Bolt would have probably won against him as well.

A healthy Blake is capable of performances similar to Bolt’s, but last year he panicked in both Olympic finals and lost by quite a margin, so not sure if he’d been able to beat Bolt if he’d been healthy.

Who can say who would have done what had they been there, what we can be sure of is there would have been a lot more pressure on Bolt, had Blake and Gay had been there. As for Powell would he have changed the habit of a lifetime and performed at his best in a global final ???

Thank you. No doubt gay/blake would have put some serious pressure on Bolt.