Bolt nearly beaten in Cayman Invite; Runs pedestrian 10.09!

The camera work is horrendous and it looks like he actually lost to Kemar Bailey-Cole, but according to the photo finish Bolt is clearly the winner. The real question is did Bailey-Cole let Bolt win?


Event 9 Men 100 Meter Dash

Name Year Team Finals Wind

1 Bolt, Usain Jamaica 10.09 0.3 10.083
2 Bailey Cole, Kemar Jamaica 10.09 0.3 10.089
3 Bailey, Daniel Antigua 10.23 0.3
4 Jelks, Mark United States OF 10.28 0.3
5 Kwow Richards, Dontae Canada 10.29 0.3
6 Hayman, Kemar Cayman Islands 10.33 0.3
7 Roach, Kimmari Jamaica 10.36 0.3
8 Bailey, Oshane Jamaica 10.54 0.3

“I had a bad start but I will try to get it right next time,” said Bolt after recording the slowest performance of his career in a 100m final.


It’s his first 100m of the season, but it’s the slowest he’s ever opened up and the slowest time he’s ever run in a 100m final. After Tyson’s 9.86 this past weekend, there has to be some concern in the Bolt camp. Could this finally be the year that Bolt is defeated in a major championship? It’s gonna be interesting to see how the season plays out.

One race and people are concerned? Why

I would say because the list of people who can beat Bolt is 3 people long; 2 effectively since you can pretty much write off Powell in major championships. 1 is in very good shape this season (Gay) and Bolt just ran the slowest time he’s ever run in a 100m final. Obviously, it’s still early and Bolt and Mills still have time to figure it out, but to not be concerned about a 10.09 would be foolish.

He had some type of hamstring issue recently. Plus he’s the best sprinter ever, has the Oly golds to prove it, and wins at will; I’m sure motivation is hard to come by at times. He’s really never challenged when the big game is on the line.

People forget he ran 14.42 over 150m in March. That’s some very impressive running, and I’m fairly certain, given the splits during the Manchester 150m street races, that first 100 was sub10, probably low 9.9.
He just needs to get healthy again. It’s not like he had a terrible winter preparation.