Bolt in rome yikes again! 2012

Better quality later

Looks like he and Asaffa both ran into the line, good to see. Asaffa had an ok start, but didn’t seem all that explosive like he can. A better first 60m by Asaffa and it’ll be a close and exciting race :slight_smile:

Seems like Powell ran into the other lane slightly. I didn’t hear any comments on it so take it that it isn’t a violation to do that.

I was just watching a video in Italian and the announcer was chatting with Powell at the end and he mentioned he was disappointed as he couldn’t hear the set call.

Better quality


Rank Athlete Nation Result Reaction time Diamond Points Diamond Ranking

1 BOLT Usain JAM 9.76 WL,MR 0.152 4 2
2 POWELL Asafa JAM 9.91 0.159 6 1
3 LEMAITRE Christophe FRA 10.04 SB 0.147 1 4
4 COLLINS Kim SKN 10.05 SB 0.163
5 CLARKE Lerone JAM 10.16 0.167
6 ROACH Kimmari JAM 10.23 0.125
7 HARVEY Jacques JAM 10.24 0.131
8 WAUGH Ainsley JAM 10.30 0.154
9 MAGAKWE Simon RSA 10.33 0.246

As long as there is no interference with other runners you can leave your lane on straight away races.

Powell doesn’t look like he’s in top form. His hips aren’t as high as we’ve seen in the past and his foot on recovery is much higher, at his best his shin is perpendicular to the track as his foot crosses his knee, didn’t see much of that here.