Bolt in Ostrava, yikes!

Meeting Record 9.83 Asafa POWELL JAM Ostrava 27 MAY 2010
Rank Athlete Nation Result Reaction time
1 BOLT, Usain JAM 10.04 0.180
2 COLLINS, Kim SKN 10.19 0.127
3 PATTON, Darvis USA 10.22 0.156
4 CLARKE, Lerone JAM 10.26 0.161
5 CHAMBERS, Dwain GBR SB 10.28 0.158
6 WARNER, Justyn CAN 10.30 0.158
7 VELEBA, Jan CZE 10.73 0.162
MAGAKWE, Simon RSA DQ R 162.7

Very poor result for Bolt and looks like he might have aggravated something… Doesn’t look like things are going well for him in training.

its a win…no-one knows why it was so slow but dont read too much into it. hope hes sharper for the games or he’l be left trailing

What is he doing in training for this to happen?

poor start and maybe panicking a little, his top end then bringing him back. He will probably get it right next time.

It’s only one race. Y’all weren’t saying yikes after bolts last 100.

10.04s with a -0.8m/s wind and a 0.18s reaction time is really not that much different from 9.82 with a +1.8m/s wind and a better reaction time. Lerone Clark ran 10.03 in Kingston and 10.26 in Ostrava. For Darvis Patton it was 10.09 vs. 10.22.

To me it wasn’t a problem with his reaction time but an atrociously bad first 20m.

Excellent point. Vazel discussed that very topic in a recent interview. “On the official result sheets, we find the racing times the sprinters, the lanes, the wind reading, the temperature, the schedule of the race, etc. All kind of figure the coach can take in account to appreciate the performance of an athlete. The problem is: how accurate are those information, and how to utilize them?” He goes to say that comparing athletes is one way to assess the performances. In particular, wind measurement is extremely crude and does not really tell the complete story. For example, a strong cross wind component can read as zero, but may have significant affect on the race performances.


Well it’s better than his negative reaction time last summer.