Bolt: 'Go for it Gay'

Shanghai – Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, ‘’sent a message” to American Tyson Gay, saying that he is free to chase his records.

Bolt, who holds world record marks of 9.58 and 19.19 over the 100 and 200 metres respectively, said he is not worried about anyone beating his times.

“If Tyson decides that he wants to break a record, fine with me. If he wants to chase them down, I have no problem with that. I’m just going to run and stay unbeaten this season,” said Bolt on Sunday after his 200m victory in Shanghai.

Bolt has consistently this season said, “this year I’m not going to chase any records”. But Gay has responded by saying “regardless what Bolt says about no world records this year, he’s going to be running each competition as fast as he has to.”
“At the same time, if that means he has to break a world record to win, I’m sure he’s going to do that.”

Bolt, who last week said Gay and others have the best chance to beat him this year, again made it clear on Sunday (23 May), “It doesn’t matter if I get beaten this season … But I am not gonna go giving anybody a race. So if Tyson decides that he wants to beat the record. Fine. For me, even if he wants to go chasing, I don’t matter, because it’s the off season.”

He, however, ended by saying, “I’m looking forward to the clashes.”

Under the Diamond League contract, Bolt, Gay and Asafa Powell are down to clash at least three times this season.

With Powell and Gay having to make up a huge gap to Bolt if they hope to be competitive at future Championship events they obviously need to be pushing as hard as they can this and every season. For Bolt though the gap back to his competitors does theoretically allow him the luxury of a little cruising in training this year if he wants to, but…

  1. If he truly has eased back his training, would a competitive guy be able to step onto the track and take it easy (other than Powell of course) and not get caught out pushing beyond his training and risk injury.

  2. What is the advantage of easing back on preparation this year? Is this a psychological relief or would there actually be any physical advantage to a full season of reduced work; kind of a broader scale version of the loading/unloading that we see inside of a regular seasonal preparation?