Bolt: Close to the limit

We’re close to speed limit - Usain Bolt
Mike Hurst

From: The Daily Telegraph
April 26, 2010 12:00AM

Quick … Usain Bolt. Source: AFP

USAIN Bolt yesterday predicted the 100m would eventually be locked at 9.4sec and he publicly pledged to have his name forever beside the unbreakable world record.

“Anything is possible,” Bolt told The Daily Telegraph. “9.4 is where I think the record will stop and I hope I will be the one to do that 9.4.”

Bolt, 23, holds the world records for the 100m (9.58sec) and 200m (19.19sec) and was part of the Jamaican team that set the 4x100m relay world record (37.10sec).

Yesterday in front of more than 54,000 in the 116th annual Penn Relays in Philadelphia, he cruised elegantly to an astonishing split time of 8.79sec in anchoring his club team to victory over a US national team.

It is one of the fastest flying-start 100m times ever run, second only to Asafa Powell, who ran 8.73sec when he anchored Jamaica’s winning 4x100m relay team at last year’s world championships in Berlin.

Carl Lewis also recorded 8.85sec when he anchored the US team to gold at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and Bob Hayes is credited with 8.74sec when he anchored the US at the 1964 Olympics. Russian timing suggests 9.0 was closer to the truth.

But relay splits need to be accepted with a grain of salt. Not so Bolt’s performances from the blocks.

But he said: “The showdowns on the Diamond League are very important because there are no championships and in a championship year the guys don’t really compete against each other very much.”

Not a championship year? That will disappoint a billion Indians.

The new Diamond League comprises 14 one-day meets across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US. The circuit, which starts in Doha on May 14, replaces the Golden League, which had only six meets - all of them contested in Europe.

Bolt said he had trained hard “as always”, although it was “not as intense” as in the championship years. He is not looking to run a fast time this year, saving that for next year’s world championships in Daegu, South Korea, and then the 2012 Olympics in London.

“I want to get through easy as possible this year and stay unbeaten, but if I have to run fast to win I definitely will,” Bolt said.

“But if Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell [history’s second and third fastest 100m men] are in the race, definitely we will be pushing the world record. If they are in the race, I know it’s going to be fierce.”

Only the late-season Diamond League meet in Brussels has secured the three big guns for a 100m showdown.

Asked where he thought he could still find improvement in his world record 100m, Bolt said: "For me, it’s definitely my first 30m.

"I’m getting it down but I definitely need to work on it. My start, my execution to the 30m, my acceleration. And I’ve got to stop looking around, maybe. There are little things. My coach may see other things, but that’s what I see.

“Everybody just has one thing they’re good at and now I train hard because my coach says everybody on the circuit has talent, so I have to work hard to harness that talent. So, for me, it’s talent and I work hard.”

Doesn’t he have one of the fastest 30m times recorded? I do have to applaud his attitude of continued hard work.


This is the best 10m splits recorded for Bolt

RT 0.135 - rounded to 0.14 (Berlin’09 SF)
0-10m 1.66 (Beijing’08)
10-20m 1.03 (Berlin’09)
20-30m 0.90 (Berlin’09)
30-40m 0.86 (Berlin’09)
40-50m 0.84 (Berlin’09)
50-60m 0.83 (Berlin’09)
60-70m 0.80 (Berlin’09)
70-80m 0.81 (Berlin’09)
80-90m 0.82 (Berlin’09)
90-100m 0.84 (Berlin’09)

That’s a total of 9.53 but we could imagine a better reaction time, the limit beeing 0.100 he could run 9.49, and who knows what can be done with wind assistance…

I really doubt bolt is close to the limit of human speed. Sure he is much faster than any previous human, but realistically, with the rapid advancements in training there is reason to believe someone will run much faster times.

Can you imagine if bolt had the absolute most effective training method to produce his fastest 100m dash time. And he trained with it from the time he was 10 until he was 28 or something… Even bolt would be astonishingly faster

What is the “absolute most effective training method”?

haha, well thats part of my point. As far as I know, no one knows what it is- therefore, everyone still has room for improvement.

Maybe Bolt’s training is perfect… )

As far as the limit of human speed, well we could find that out if Charlie and other coaches had a camp in the Nevada desert equipped with anything and everything that was necessarily to improve human limits. And mind you, anything would go in this venue, you know, sort of like the Harlem globetrotters but for track. I could see a sub 9 sec 100m and sub 19sec 200 EASY.

On a side note, why don’t guys do this? You know, form their own leagues and race against each other with no rules like street racing?!
Look at how big AND 1 in basketball got and the underground MMA fighting! Dudes got mad TV time and a bit of cash to boot when they would tour the country!

As far as Usain, yea, within the guidelines of the IOC rules, a 9.4 SHOULD stand for quite some time. Although, I’m not too quick to count out Tyson Gay, that guy is relentless.