Boldwarrior's comp phase 1

Goals for this period.

To learn to run the 60m relaxed, in good form and the whole way in the sprint position :eek:

All races to be done in this period are to be electronic, or no time will be posted.

Race 1
Last sat. 100m 12.5 - pouring rain, terrable start, 1st time in blocks in 2yrs, came out right arm right leg :mad: Stopped caring about 25-30m out as i was running pigion toed from the socked socks n shoes.

Race 2.
last sun. 60m. 7.6 - Very fast start. Lost concentration at about 35m and form slackened for 5-10m. Was really pushing the arms and for high knees… Upper hammies seemed rather tight at the upper stage of high knees. I was gunning for it, instead of relaxing through. The 1st say 20m, was good. The next 40m, well, needs to learn to relax.

Mon - tempo repeats.
med ball work at home.
Tens on the hammies.

Tue - Race 300m
i was guessing from the speed endurance work i had done, that i could do a 300m in 37, + a 1s for block starts v’s rolling start and add 0.2 for reaction. So i guessed a 38.4. I ran a 38.46 or 38.48. The last 100 was a total killer. 10s after i finnished was even worse! Lactic as hell.

Wed - x-trainer and upper body weights (low reps but dont remeber the sets n reps n kgs used?)

Thurs - Tempo and Legs weights

Fri - planned off

Sat - Planned to race today. start time was 5.15, and takes 45m to travel. At 3pm, just before i was to leave, i thought i better double check times. Seems they changed the dates n times to fri and earlier sat afternoon. So i missed on on racing!! :mad:
So, went to another track and
warm up
3 x 30m 3point starts 1st 20 felft real good
4 x 20m flys from a 40m build felt nearly real good. Nearly fully relaxed.
1 x 60m good start, crap last 40m!

2 x 5 each leg walkin lunges with 50kg
RSDL’s 3 reps, 50kg, 70kg, 100kg, 120kg
Bench not heavy, but low reps, Unsure of sets n reps.
some minor boxing
300 core

10 min on ellipitical
med ball work and explosive too
few min on the speed ball
core 250

why are you doing flying sprints inseason?

to see if i could run em relaxed…
which i almost could, say 85-90%??
v’s my last 40m off a 60 which is like 50% relaxed??
Perhaps i just goto do more 60’s, n relax in em. Cut the intensity n add more volume, focus on being relaxed n smooth. Then do the full intensity in the race, n hope i run relaxed n smooth??

grass hills, 150m, raises about 2m over that distance.
1 - 23.60 recover 1min 37 up hill
2 - missed recover 53.77 down into head wind
3 - 23.38 recover 1min 36 up hill
4 - 22.28 recover 1 min 37 down into head wind
5 - 22.74 recover 1.37 up hill
6 - 22.07 recover 1.37 down into head wind
7 - 24.31 recover 1.35 up hill
8 - 22.64 finnish down into head wind

jog off

speed ball (boxing) 3 min
med balls, mainly working on single arm rotation work
core 300

Why wouldn’t you? :confused:

At least you have those races under your belt, with that 300m time perhaps you should do 400’s :smiley:

its more demanding on the cns esp inseason when you want to run fast. i cant remember what thread i saw it in but thats what cf said.

i have never seen it, perhaps you could dig it up?
It should not be too bad, the weekends are for the high intensity stuff (i was supposed to be racing!), the weekdays for the tempo n speed endurance. TC wrote a good sample fortnight, ill try to refind it n post it up.

Feeling awsome after yesterdays workout. Blood pressure n heart rate about normal. Will concentrate on being as relaxed as possable in this wks training. Yest, i felt very relaxed. Pleased with just how quick i am adapting back into running relaxed, even though it was tempo. I think will even keep off the track this wk. Stay on the grass. Ankles/heels were a bit tight the last couple of weeks, maybe too much tartan stuff? either way, the grass/flats is making them feel better.

Mate, i couldnt last 400m at the moment. I was in total lactic hell after that effort (300)
I do plan on running a few 400’s. Hence, the spp1 was cut short as the season is fast approaching from my very late start to the season. Hopefully after the end of spp2, i can do some decient 200’s and start to be able to run some 400’s. Then by the end of spp3, i will be able to run a decient 400! but will there be any comps left for me to run by then? Hope so. will be a late season.

When would that be?

lets see.
3 more weeks of races.
1 wks gpp
5-6 weeks of Spp2 (takes to state titles)
comp phase (including states - 4wks - till end of Feb)
Spp3 - 4-6wks?
Comp phase ? or time trail phase depending on races 3-4wks? till May.

Then i can plan next season properally. This season just being, getting back into the swing of things and get some races happening.
Mind you, im studdying what KK has to say about how he sets up his programs, so, maybe, over the next few days, i may change things up a bit? And do some 400m work?

May :eek: that is long but mind you, you have the weather to do that.

I wonder whether 400m is more suitable given your middle distance background.

Damn storms!! All afternoon yest, from lunch till late.

Managed to get some weights in.

Seems a race on fri night is planned. So today, thurs, might just do some easy med ball work, some explosive med balls, not too much, some core and some tens therapy on the hammies.