Just want to know if my bodyweight is O.K?
I’m 188cm ( 6’2") and 96 kg (211 pds). I have about 8% bodyfat. I thought I might be too big? I’m a 100/200m runner.

my view on this matter is that there are no hard and fast rules. Do your best, and run your best. If you break 10 seconds, then people will know for sure that your height and weight are just fine. (You could get down to 5% bf though). Keep training and keep us posted on your progress.

Jester, you’re about the same size as Linford Christie. He was an okay sprinter.


Seems okay to me. But I’m 176cm and weigh 91kg.

You lose a little bodyfat though maybe.

Apart from track work what does everyone find the best way to reduce bodyfat? My diet is pretty good (low fat) I might eat too much food though!!!

Nutrition aside, for people who’re trying to lose weight like Jester, can you make tempo work more challenging by decreasing the rest time (for example, to 25 seconds between each 100m run) without causing fatigue to your CNS or sprinting muscles?

The other obvious way to make aerobic work more challenging is to run tempo faster (as close to 75% as possible) but then you risk overcooking it if you’re not careful. Thoughts?

I’m not all that clear on the whole tempo thing. I’m in the process of getting CFTS and Speed Trap. How many times a week recommend doing tempo runs? And where should they be placed in a program( day after speed endurance,same day as leg weights etc)?

Tempo work is done between speed training days or speed and speed endurance days. Ideally you want to do your weights on the speed days since you should train your high intensity elements on the same day and low intensity elements on the same day. It’s best not to mix them so as to ensure complete CNS recovery. Speed is compatible with plyos, med-ball, weights, resisted sprint work, etc. Tempo, which promotes general endurance and more importantly recovery is best done on a day with circuit type GPP exercises, abdominal training, and concentrated flexiblity work. Since I had my athletes stop mixing non-compatible training elements years ago, my athletes are completely ready for the next bout of high CNS training and therefore I believe they derive much greater benefits from such training. Charlie feels that you should do some reps of Mach drills every day. You are right, you need to get both books. After you read them, you’ll find yourself constantly going back to them as reference material and to clarify certain points and concepts. Tempo work should be done 2-3x/wk. Good luck.

I feel that I’m too heavy at 178lbs on my 5’10 frame and I’m only 17.

Would I be correct in saying that to help maintain a lower bodyfat it is best to eat the majority of your daily food before 6pm and don’t eat as much after dinner? eg 4 meals then dinner then 1 more meal.

Time of day does not make that large of a difference. Just eat your meals a fairly consistent number of hours apart.
What does make a significant difference is total caloric intake versus expenditure. If you use more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. With nurtitional manipulations, most if not all of that weight will be fat.

Good luck,
Adam Marshall

I feel like I am too heavy. I have a hard time with the workouts but I am getting better. I run the 100m and throw shot put in college and play football. I am 5’11, 230 pounds. My best 100m is 10.84 and best 60m is 6.86, bests in shot put are 52’3 Next year I am going to lose more weight and hopefully be faster.

to over simplify the weight control issue here are a couple of things that helped me out alot.

eliminate processed carbs. that means refined sugars, pasta, cereal, bread. also, i dont drink juice, soda and try to avoid alcohol, all of which can be considered empty carbs. if you are going to eat a carb make it nutrient dense, like veggies are light on caloric content and heavy on vitamins, phytochemicals and fiber. compare that to a slice of bread that may give you the same amount of calories, but its been stripped of anything else of benefit.

the acception to this rule, is supplements but if you can avoid high carb meal replacements or protein supplements (all times but post workout) that would be best. make efficent use of all dietary carbs, we all need to eat carbs, but, just try to get as much “bang for you buck” when you eat your carbs.

one of the many things charlie has said that has stuck with me, eat what you need to, nothing more, nothing less.

i am 5"10/12 and 10stones 1lb three weeks ago. I have just turned 17years old. I am a 100meter sprinter,200m and 400m.

Most people say that i should’nt be runing the 100m when they look at me. All these beast maxi muslce, people who i sometimes race think that they can beat me. I remember juring the winter i was saying to my coach, thati want to run indoors.( and my cooach said 6m indoors is all about power). More or less saying that i cannot compete with these beasts.

I am quite fast over the first 40 and 60m. My best 60m time is 6.99sec handtimed. On a indoor track in training. I could not compete indoors beacuse of a back injury, i think why am quite fast over the first 60m because i am a good high jumper , and long jumper.
I can hang onto a full sized basket ball rim.

Does anybody know how heavy KIM COLLINS WEIGHS. And how tall is this man?

5-8 143 i cant tell you in in stones though cause im am an americano!

143 pounds = 10st 3 pounds.
14 pounds = 1 stone.
6.35 kg = 1 stone.
2.25 pounds = 1 kg.