BodyWeight Circuit volume

Whats an appropiate volume for a bodyweight exercise circuit. Is going through 7 different exercises 4 times non-stop a good volume or is it too much. I do exercises such as pull-ups,dips,push-ups,sit-ups,and bodyweight squats.

Are you doing the circuit as a replacement for tempo?

With Tempo.

That sounds like a lot of volume. Why do you feel the need to elevate the volume of your general fitness work? What’s your weekly tempo volume? How much low intensity ab work are you doing? I know this is very individualized, but I’m curious why you want to add more. General fitness is important, but there is also a point of diminishing returns.

Sometime you can mix the bodyweight circuit exercises into your tempo workout- but the number of reps of each exercise should not be too high to handle easily. This can be useful for athletes who are prone to foot or shin problems, as the total running volume can be reduced. As with any tempo session, the idea is to be able to finish the session at the pace you started with.