im usually at 18-19% bodyfat, i have been dieting and it has effected my performance somewhat cause lack of carbs. I load up every once in awhile for a day, and get some adequate amount decent enough to get glycogen stores. However my body is storing as fat despite the low carb intake i try to keep consistent through the day. I got down to 16.3 only to find out today im up to 17.7 the following week. I use this machine at my gym although not crazy accurate its good sign if something is going up or down. I dont know if i should stick to it and it will go down again. Cause i had similar readings 3 weeks prior then the week after that i went down to 16.3 like some yoyo effect.

I eat cottage cheese twice a day some fruits lots of veggies, glutamine zma at night time with protein shakes. Eat lots of chicken get 2 slices of whole weat bread a day get some carbs from fruits and mostly from oatmeal, im trying to find out what to do. I guess since im not training it could be no muscle anabolism. Cause im taking it easy to heal my damn injury to make sure it doesnt get worse.

While i went back up to 17.7% i also forgot to add i lost muscle mass to despite my 190-200g protein intake a day i get, i also intake about 30-60g of carbs a day and fat around 40-45g. Should i just stick it with it as the body is all over the place. I can see that in the mirror im losing weight but then i think it is awkward fat in other areas of the body. Suggestions?


meal #1 - half a banana sometimes i eat oatmeal or my other carb alternative is 2 slice of bread with egg whites and tomatoes, peppers, onions, broccoli

meal #2 chicken breast with veggies

meal #3 protein shake with water half a banana an orange, or strawberries

meal #4 1 cup cottage cheese with strawberries or cottage cheese plain (i can eat it)

meal #5 chicken breast with brown rice (usually i eat this after workout if not then i get more veggies in

meal #6 cottage cheese protein shake with water (dont use milk very rare) and an apple

your inability to loose weight is not uncommon. it comes because people hear stupid shit like its healthy to restrict carbs to lose weight. no wonder your performace is effected man your not givining it what it needs to function. low carb diets are stupid especially for athletes. from a nutritional stand point losing weight can be accomplished from understanding the hormonal response to certain foods. insulin is your enemy and you experience a spike everytime you eat simple sugars (fruit ect). insulin is releassed to lower blood sugar levels it is a hypoglycemic hormone stimulated by hyperglycemic condtions (a hromone to lower blood sugar stimulated by high levels of blood sugar). insulin mobilizies lowers cell permiability to allow amino acid absorption (good) but it also stimulated the storage of lipids (bad) and the later is what usualy happens. so its important to only allow insulin spikes during a desired time frame ie. after a workout (20 min b4 the end is actually better).

eating this way also stimulates a greater release of GH via hypoglycemic condtions.

simply a good rule of thumb, for every portion of protein consume 3 portions of vegitables. this provides a huge influx of nutrients provides carbs without the insulin spike… well you get the idea… u need carbs. you cant function without the nergy they provide.

well put james. Low carb diets cause a state of starvation within the body that makes it bad for athlete especially but bad for anyone. Low glycemic carbs are easy to get and should be consumed. This lack of carbs and high protein may have led to your ability to be overtrained quickly and also injuries. Youre body need carbs for energy, give it what it needs.

yes like you describe is what i do for my diet, the one i put up is general. However my weight fluctuates, and eating tons of carbs will infact get my performance up however i will go up to 18%bodyfat, i perform well and normally under that amount of fat. I try to cut to see if it will give me an edge but easier said then done. I get my maltodextrin and dextrose after workout and healthy carbs on the lower glycemic end or just complex carbs in general. I dont restrict it the whole week though i will chow down lots of carbs on an odd day.

however you did address about veggies which i ran out of for the week and only had red/orange/yellow peppers as my source. I wonder if i should cut cottage cheese as well?

I’m unable to varify his claims (because my biochemistry sucks) but I recently saw a lecture by Mauro G. Di Pasquale in which he explains that once you have become adapted to high fat diets you can live off them perfectly well so long as you carb up 2 days a week and they may even be better for strength athletes than high carb diets. Maybe worth reading more about but probably quite unpracticle.

From what I remember during low carb diets, youre body begins to use ketones as energy for atp production. Ketones are made from fat, and in small amounts are not that bad but in larger amounts cause ketone acidosis making the blood more acidic. Having the blood acidic would not be beneficial for an athlete especially one who say is a 400m runner who is constantly exposing himself to lactic acid. I have not heard about the low carb adaptation. I dont know to much about it, but why then do the people who go on low carb diets gain so much weight, basically all of it back when ending the low carb diet. This is just what i have been taught, I could be wrong and please feel free to correct me.

after posting this i went and ate at a restaurant and got some steak and eggs. I then ate lots of rice with chicken and bought veggies then did the fat test the other day while eating more carbs and i went down to 16.4% and gained muscle so it made a complete loop back. However today i just ate tons of carbs geez 2 muffins, 2 meals with a cup of rice and meat and chicken but lots of vegggies so its not all that bad.

Rule 1 - Clean Diet & Rule 2 - See Rule 1

First of all the low carb stuff originated in bodybuilding where 100m is a marathon to those guys.

Low Carbs can work very well in that situation … and remember there are other variables there too.

Secondly - yes your body can adapt to live on ANY kind of diet, Low fat, High Carbs, High fat, low fat etc etc.
This doesn’t mean it’s right to do it though.

MDiP’s ‘principle’ is quite correct IMO and he has long been a great advocate of high carb diets - but the idea of carbing up twice a week to me makes less sense than simply using a clean diet with good no-white only carbs throught the whole week.
Again he is talking from the point of view of a strength athlete/coach not a runner.

90% of the time the problem is not high carbs or low carbs but the TYPE of carbs.

For an ordinary guy, amateur bodybuilder etc -
The fastest way IMO to loose body fat is to use a high sleep, high protein, high good fat, post-work-out only very low carb diet and use HIIT running and high intensity low volume weight training.

But try this as an athlete such as a 400m guys and you’ll do one of a number of things - fail to stick to the very low carbs - Crash and pig-out on ice cream by day 2 and end up fatter than before, performances will drop so fast you’ll end up depressed and quit etc. etc.

The only people trying to sell you this crap are the T-crap brigade.

For a performance athlete the fastest way to loose bodyfat is to (1) simply clean up the diet and if needed (2) reduce total calories slightly Anything else is a waste of time and performance.

For an ordinary person the fastest way to loose bodyfat is to again (1) simply clean up the diet and if needed (2) reduce total calories slightly (3) if not working use heavy lifting to maintain muscle (4) only then slowly introduce HIIT-style Cardio

Also watching body weight or body fat day-to-day is pointless too.

Also Bodyfat is overrated anyway

yes i understand, i was not eating enough veggies and i barely eat rice, i have made these muffins with veggies though and im loving that using 100% whole weat and sometimes with oatmeal. I eat clean no junk dont drink pop, but can gain 4lbs of fat the following day no problem. I guess it will be years before i can have 10%bodyfat and perform efficiently like i do when im 18% bodyfat.

Water and fat are too very different things mate

not only the type of carb but when that carb is ingested. you are forgetting the time component to eating.

well this is a bad day as i ate like 4 muffins heheh, although healthy still gonna spike my insulin. However i have a race this week so im going there to compete and weight is the least of my worries. I figured it would give me an edge.

Before you jump to too many conclusions (especially the low carb crap) take a close look at the G.O.A.T. in this video:

Yes, power/weight matters, but there are many more important things to worry about.

To me the GOAT looks ripped.
Of course not as ripped as Crawford, but what is your conclusion about the relation between carbs and Mo’s body on this video?

I’m not losing weight anymore cause of performance going down, so i upped the carbs to deal with practices and speed sessions along with weights. My weight went up in muscle fat went up alittle bit but im feeling better and stronger. It seems that feeling stronger and faster at a lower weight is not a possibility to me unless i pay some money to some nutritionist to monitor me like crazy. I think however i can lose the fat like 12 lbs of it in a course of 8 months to year maybe. I dont really mind since the goal is to be fast not to look good.

if you eat at or slightly below maintenance and focus on getting your training as intence as possible your body fat sould settle at some comfortable point.

i have issues with body fat, being formerly obese, and im telling you, dieting to loose fat initially works, but at some point the training suffers so much you end up gaining fat