body wieght workouts for wrestling?

any know any good routines ie: bridging, sprawls ect?

i was thinking of sets of 10 jump squats followed by sets of 10 sprawls back to standing.

Some of the best bodyweight training I have seen are college tapes from Iowa and the midwest…crazy shit like wheelbarrow plyo push-up stadiums…Insane but the creativity is just perfect for those that don’t have Nebraska style weight rooms.

Are those drills on the Iowa State wrestling series videos? What videos are they on?

Check out Matt Fury’s ideas on he has some good bodyweight programs for wrestlers/MMA
James Smith

Coach Davies has a few books for sale on that site. All original material too I will bet.

Herb, nice one about Davie’s. LOL
I wasn’t aware of the fact that he was a not a favorite until about a year ago. I have no personal experience with him, but I have gathered, from reputable names in the field, that he leaves much to be desired.
James Smith

Also, check out and
I came across these on and, after a brief viewing, they appear to be legitimate sources of training information.
James Smith

I think the best bodyweight workout for wrestling would be to mix various sprawls, bridges, sitouts, etc with basic tumbling rolls into a sort of shadow wrestling scenrio.

by far the best wrestling/conditioning examples & videos was Tony Cecchine. His web site is: